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The Sunset Bar on Celebrity's Edge Class Ships

Celebrity Cruises, Edge Class, Celebrity Beyond, Sunset Bar
Sunset Bar, Celebrity Beyond | Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises

Without a doubt, one of the most stunning venues you will find on the Celebrity Edge Class ships is the famous Sunset Bar. Perched at the very top-aft of the ship, the exquisite bar and lounge space has been a Celebrity fan favorite for years.

On the Edge Class ships, the Sunset Bar is even more elegant and lavish. The vibes are rather ambiguous; you could be in Portugal sipping a delicious cocktail, on any of the Greek Isles, or even on the banks of the Nile in Egypt. Whatever the interpretation, this space is unquestionably global in inspiration, making you feel as though you have stepped into another part of the world without ever having to leave the ship.

Harr Travel, Edge Class, Celebrity Ascent, Sunset Bar
Sunset Bar, Ascent | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

One of the reasons the Sunset Bar is so popular (incredible views aside) is the range of the drinks menu. There is something for everyone between the signature cocktails, cold brew list, red and white wine choices, bubbly options, and even the delicious mock-tails the bartenders can whip up on the fly. This is the perfect place to join your friends for pre-dinner drinks while watching the sun go down on the horizon.

The gorgeous space has plenty of barstool seating if you are looking to be where the action is; or for a more relaxed setting, you can enjoy any of the lounge-style seating surrounding the main bar. This seating extends to each side, for even more incredible views.

Take a look at the current Sunset Bar menu below:

Sunset Bar Menu
Download PDF • 82KB

Booking Your Cruise

Now that you are ready to book your cruise on one of the beautiful Celebrity Edge ships, reach out to the experts at Harr Travel. We know the spaces inside and out, and have an amazing relationship with Celebrity Cruises. We will craft the cruise vacation of a lifetime for you, your friends, family, or group at an exceptional rate, and give you the Harr Travel signature service every step of the way.

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