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What is the Magic Carpet on the Celebrity Edge Class Ships?

Celebrity Ascent, Edge Class, Celebrity Cruises, Magic Carpet
Magic Carpet | Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises

In 2018 Celebrity Cruises introduced their most innovative and beautiful class of cruise ships yet- The Edge Class.  It all began with Celebrity Edge, and since then they have bought 3 more ships into the fleet, and another one on the way, each boasting sleek and modern venues, delicious dining, and unique experiences.  The Edge ships are known for one recognizable feature that is consistent throughout the class: The Magic Carpet.

The Magic Carpet is a dynamic venue- a platform on tracks that moves between decks throughout the cruise and changes themes based on its location.   Cantilevered off the starboard side of the ship, it is the stand-out feature that sets the Edge Class apart visually from any other cruise ship in the industry.

Celebrity Ascent, Edge Class, Celebrity Cruises, Magic Carpet
Magic Carpet | Photo Credit: Celebrity Cruises

Throughout the cruises you will find the Magic Carpet acting as different venues.  When it is on the pool deck, it truly continues the party, becoming an incredible bar space with unbeatable views of the ocean from all 3 sides. The amazing bartenders will serve delicious cocktails throughout the day or evening, live musician perform, and there is comfortable lounge seating throughout, making it the perfect space for pre-dinner drinks with friends.

When the Magic Carpet is mid-ship on Deck 5, it will become an extension of one of the specialty restaurants, offering guests an unforgettable open-air dining experience. In ports where tenders are needed, the Magic Carpet will move to Deck 2 and becomes a luxury destination gangway for guests to disembark for their next adventure.

(It is important to note that passengers are not on the Carpet when it moves between decks.)

Edge Class Ships

  • Celebrity Edge (2018)

  • Celebrity Apex (2021)

  • Celebrity Beyond (2022)

  • Celebrity Ascent (2023)

  • Celebrity Xcel (2025)

Read more about the upcoming new Edge Class ship Celebrity Xcel HERE.

Booking Your Cruise

Now that you are ready to experience the incredible Magic Carpet for yourself, reach out to Harr Travel today to book your Celebrity cruise. We know the Edge Class ships inside and out, and have an amazing relationship with the cruise line. We will craft your cruise vacation of a lifetime for you, your friends, family, or group at an incredible rate, and give you the Harr Travel signature service every step of the way.

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