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Royal Caribbean's Star Class - The Ultimate Guide to Royal Caribbean's Most Exclusive Suites

Updated: Feb 24

Star Suite Class on Royal Caribbean
2 Bedroom AquaTheater Suite, Allure of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

Are you looking for the ultimate luxury experience on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship? If so, look no further than the Star Class Suites! These special Royal Caribbean suites provide an unparalleled level of luxury and access to the most exclusive amenities at sea! In this guide, we'll give you a full overview of what these Star Class Suites have to offer so that you can get the most out of your next Royal Caribbean cruise.

What is Star Class?
Suite Sun Deck on Royal Caribbean
Suite Sun Deck, Wonder of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

Within Royal Caribbean's vast fleet of cruise ships, there are 12 Royal Suite Class vessels, all from the celebrated Quantum Class, Oasis Class, and the eagerly anticipated Icon Class. Within these ships are 3 different tiers of suites: Star, Sky, and Sea. Among these, the epitome of exclusivity and luxury is found in Star Class.

By reserving a Star Suite, you unlock a world of magical experiences tailor-made for you and your family. The journey begins with priority boarding, setting the tone for an extraordinary vacation. Throughout your entire trip, your Royal Genie is with you every step of the way, ensuring you all the perks and benefits that Star Class has to offer. From securing prime seating for the shows of your choice, to bypassing queues for your favorite activities, every moment is designed to exceed your expectations. Moreover, you have the freedom to indulge in delicious dining at any of the ship's specialty restaurants. Star Class offers the experience of a lifetime, and guarantees that your next trip will be unforgettable.

Ships With Royal Suite Class:


- Icon of the Seas

- Eastern and Western Caribbean

- Icon of the Seas 2 ....

- Icon of the Seas 3 ....


- Oasis of the Seas

- Bahamas, Caribbean, Europe, Mediterranean, Transatlantic

- Allure of the Seas

- Bahamas, Caribbean

- Harmony of the Seas

- Caribbean

- Symphony of the Seas

- Bahamas, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Transatlantic

- Wonder of the Seas

- Caribbean

- Utopia of the Seas

- Bahamas


- Quantum of the Seas

- Alaska, Hawaii, Vancouver, South Pacific, Australia, Singapore, Transpacific

- Ovation of the Seas

- Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific, Transpacific

- Anthem of the Seas

- Norway, Canaries, Mediterranean, France, Spain, Transatlantic, Bahamas

- Spectrum of the Seas

- Asia (Geared toward Asian Market)

- Odyssey of the Seas

- Caribbean, Bahamas, Greece, Spain, Mediterranean, Transatlantic

The Different Suite Options in Star Class

Royal Loft Suite Royal Caribbean
Royal Loft Suite, Wonder of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

Royal Caribbean offers an array of distinct Star Suites across their Quantum, Oasis, and Icon class of ships, ensuring that you will be able to find the ideal space for your next family, friend, or group getaway. Ranging from 4-person to 14-person suites, Royal Caribbean boasts some of the most spacious and luxurious accommodations available at sea. Here is the full list of Star Suite options found within Royal Caribbean's suite class of ships.

Suite Options on Quantum Class and Oasis Class

Royal Loft Suite, Symphony of the Seas, Star Class, Royal Caribbean
Royal Loft Suite, Symphony of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

ROYAL LOFT SUITE - 6 Passengers | Found on the Quantum and Oasis class of ship, the Royal Loft Suites have won several awards for architecture, and for good reason! These suites can accommodate up to 6 passengers and are truly breathtaking, boasting a contemporary design, a spacious open living and dining area, two pull-out sofas, and a master bedroom. Additionally, they feature two bathrooms, as well as an expansive deck with a hot tub overlooking spectacular views!

While the configuration of the Royal Loft Suites may vary slightly across the Oasis class of ships, each one offers its own unique appeal. On the Oasis, Allure, Harmony, and Symphony, you have a beautiful side-facing deck, as well as an aft-facing balcony overlooking the sport court. On Wonder and Utopia, the Royal Loft Suite showcases a slightly different layout while still providing a generous side-facing view, ensuring enhanced privacy.

4 bedroom Villa Suite Royal Caribbean
4 Bedroom Villa Suite, Symphony of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

4 BEDROOM VILLA SUITE - 8-14 Passengers | The breathtaking 4-bedroom Villa Suites are found on the Harmony and Symphony of the Seas. Ideal for large groups, these spacious accommodations sleep up to 14 people, with a minimum booking of 8 passengers. Enjoy 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a generous living space, and a huge balcony with an outdoor 14-person dining table overlooking beautiful ocean views.

Owners Loft Suite, Quantum of the Seas, Star Class, Royal Caribbean
Owner's Loft Suite, Quantum of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

OWNER'S LOFT SUITE - 4 Passengers | Found the Quantum class of ships, these spacious suites comfortably accommodate up to 4 passengers, making them an ideal choice for your family vacation. Each Owner's Loft Suite offers a range of amenities to enhance your stay. Featuring a master bedroom, a pullout couch, a convenient coffee bar, two bathrooms, two side-facing balconies, an aft facing balcony, and floor-to-ceiling windows, these suites provide stunning views that can be enjoyed from both the living room and the master loft bedroom.

Grand Loft Suite, Anthem of the Seas, Star Class, Royal Caribbean
Grand Loft Suite, Anthem of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

GRAND LOFT SUITE - 4 Passengers | The Grand Loft Suites are also located on Quantum class ships, and offer the space and relaxation you need during your family getaway. Downstairs, enjoy a large living room with a pullout couch, dining table, bathroom, and private balcony. Upstairs, the master bedroom offers an oasis, with a luxurious bathroom and large shower, ample storage throughout, and stunning views out the 2-story loft windows!

One thing to note: On the Quantum, Ovation, and Anthem of the Seas, the Grand Loft Suites are located on Deck 8 & 10. On Deck 8 there are 3 aft facing suites. On Deck 10 there are 4 suites, 2 facing aft, and 2 that have additional side facing balconies.

Also to note: The Odyssey and Spectrum of the Seas have a few less Star Suites, making them even more desirable and exceptional! Here the Grand Loft Suites are located only on Deck 8.

Solarium Suite, Utopia of the Seas, Star Class, Royal Caribbean
Solarium Suite, Utopia of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

SOLARIUM SUITE - 2 Passengers | These suites are new to Oasis class, debuting on Utopia of the Seas. The Solarium Suite sits on the wings of the bridge, allowing you to capture some of the most stunning views on any cruise ship in the world! The room features a beautiful king size bed with amazing ocean views, a sitting room, and a large bathroom with soaking tub! There is no balcony in the Solarium Suites, but the incredible forward facing views certainly make up for it!

Grand Loft Suite Royal Caribbean
Grand Panoramic Suite, Allure of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

OWNER'S PANORAMIC SUITE & GRAND PANORAMIC SUITE - 4 Passengers | Found on the Oasis and Allure of the Seas, The Owner's Panoramic and the Grand Panoramic are some of the more unique suite spaces Royal Caribbean offers. These suites were originally intended to be other venues, and were converted later on. Because of this history, they arguably have a more spacious feel than many of the other suites options, boasting the same two-story high ceilings of a loft suite, without being a loft! The look and feel of these suites is that of luxury, with a large living space, beautiful master bedroom, master bathroom with huge shower and soaking tub, pull out sofa, a second bathroom, and a balcony with a large jacuzzi tub.

One thing to note is: because these suites were originally other venues, they overlook the ocean, as well as lower decks. However, for more privacy, there are remote controlled shades that raise up from the bottom of the floor-to-ceiling windows, providing complete comfort inside your suite. The Owner's Panoramic and the Grand Panoramic are some of the most popular suite options in the fleet due to their spacious layout and beautiful design!

Ultimate Panoramic Suite, Oasis of the Seas, Star Class, Royal Caribbean
Ultimate Panoramic Suite, Oasis of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

ULTIMATE PANORAMIC SUITE - 4 Passengers | Ideally located above the bridge wings, booking the Ultimate Panoramic Suite means you get the exact same views as the captain! This suite option is only available on Allure and Oasis, and is a great space for families. The master bedroom has 270 degree panoramic views of the aft, forward, and side, and the spectacular master bathroom boasts a large soaking tub! In the living space there is a dining room and sleeper sofa. While this is the only suite without an outdoor space, the amazing panoramic views make up for it, and it also makes a great option for families with young children.

Star Loft Suite, Symphony of the Sea, Star Suite, Royal Caribbean
Star Loft Suite, Symphony of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

STAR LOFT SUITE - 4 Passengers | The Star Loft Suites can be found on the Oasis, Allure, Harmony, and Symphony, and are very exclusive; only two to a ship. The first is aft facing, overlooking the mini golf course for the ultimate sporting views, while the second is side facing, providing beautiful ocean vistas! The best part about these suites is that they can connect to sleep up to 8 passengers, making them the ideal suite choice for families, or group of friends seeking a shared vacation experience! The space includes a master bedroom, pull out couch, a full dining room table inside and outside, and a large deck to spread out! The Star Loft Suites are located in the crown of the ship, providing convenient access to the Coastal Kitchen, and Suite Lounge!

Spacious AquaTheater Suite, Harmony of the Seas, Star Class, Royal Caribbean
Spacious AquaTheater Suite, Harmony of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

2 BEDROOM SPACIOUS AQUATHEATER SUITE WITH LARGE BALCONY - 8 Passengers | Located on deck 8, overlooking the AquaTheater, this spacious 2 bedroom suite is the ultimate accommodation to enjoy the best that Royal Caribbean has to offer. Not only does this suite sleep up to 8 passengers, making it a great space for extended families or friend groups, but it also offers the ultimate outdoor living area! The outdoor area on the Spacious AquaTheater Suite showcases a magnificent wraparound balcony. The interior facing portion of the balcony takes in the marvelous performances at the world famous AuqaTheater, and then wraps around for expansive side facing ocean views! Inside are 2 bedrooms including one that sleeps 4 passengers, 2 full bathrooms, a relaxing living room, pull out sofa, a dining table, and amazing wrap-around windows throughout!

2 Bedroom AquaTheater Suite, Allure of the Seas, Star Class, Royal Caribbean
2 Bedroom AquaTheater Suite, Allure of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

2 BEDROOM AQUATHEATER SUITE - 8 Passengers | The 2 bedroom AquaTheater Suites are located on decks 9 & 10, and provide an interior facing view of the AquaTheater and all its performances. Alongside theater views, the deck also wraps around for side facing views of the ocean. You can take in all these beautiful vistas from your deck lounge chairs, or the full dining table at the aft of the balcony. Inside, the 2 bedroom suite sleeps up to 8 passengers, with a master bedroom, a 2nd bedroom that sleeps 4, and a pull out couch in the living room. Once again the wraparound windows provide generous views on all sides of the suite, making it the ideal space for your next family vacation!

Ultimate Family Suite Royal Caribbean
Ultimate Family Suite, Wonder of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

ULTIMATE FAMILY SUITE - 8 Passengers | These fun-for-the-whole-family loft-style suites are found on the Oasis class of ship. First appearing on Symphony of the Seas, this space offers room for up to 8 passengers, a Lego wall, video game center, slide from loft to living room, a large dining table, and a balcony with a ping pong table and hot tub, making it truly the ultimate family zone!

With Wonder and Utopia, Royal Caribbean sized up on the Ultimate Family Suite, creating an even larger space for double the fun! On these two ships this family suite includes everything offered on the Symphony, plus a new movie room space, musical stairs, an interactive dining room table, and a connecting door to the Crown Loft Suite, perfect for larger groups traveling together! (Please Note: the Crown Loft Suite is not part of Star Class, so just remember that you can connect the two suites and enjoy a larger space with friends and family, but the Star Class amenities are reserved for guests booked in the Ultimate Family Suite.)

Something to Note: On Wonder and Utopia the Ultimate Family Suite will be able to accommodate 10 passengers.

Suite Options on Icon of the Seas

Eagerly anticipated is the launch of Icon of the Seas, the first in Royal Caribbean's newly created Icon Class of ship! Icon will be the largest ship at sea, and with that comes some changes and updates to some of the Star Class suites we have seen on previous ships.

Ultimate Family Townhouse, Icon of the Seas, Star Class, Royal Caribbean
Ultimate Family Townhouse, Icon of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

THE ULTIMATE FAMILY TOWNHOUSE - 8 Passengers | The name says it all...this upgraded family suite has triple the fun with 3 stories of family enjoyment! It offers multiple bedrooms and bathrooms sleeping up to 8 passengers, and will have a private patio that will have direct access to the Surfside Family Neighborhood, so you can go right out and enjoy the pool, water fun, and eateries!

Royal Loft Suite, Icon of the Seas, Star Class, Royal Caribbean
Royal Loft Suite, Icon of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

THE ROYAL LOFT SUITE - 6 passengers | An upgraded version of the Royal Loft Suites seen before, the Royal Loft Suite on Icon offers side and interior facing balconies that wrap around for views of the pool, and views of the ocean. This suite will also include a balcony with a hot tub, space for 6 passengers, and an extra-large living area! There will be only 1 on the ship, making them a very exclusive and sought after accommodation option!

Icon Loft, Icon of the Seas, Star Class, Royal Caribbean
Icon Loft, Icon of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

ICON LOFT - 4 Passengers | The style of this brand new loft suite sits somewhere between a Crown Loft and a Royal Loft, and can accommodate up to 4 passengers. Offering an upstairs master bedroom and a spacious downstairs living room equipped with a convenient pull out couch, the Icon Loft ensures both comfort and versatility. A notable highlight of this suite is the inclusion of a full-size dining table on the side-facing balcony, granting guests the opportunity to savor their meals while enjoying the ocean vistas!

ACCESSIBLE ICON LOFT - 4 Passengers | An exciting addition that will debut on Icon is the Accessible Icon Loft! This is the first time Royal Caribbean has offered an accessible Star Class suite, and we could not be more excited about it, and we know Royal Caribbean guests will be as well!

Exclusive Perks and Amenities Included in Star Class

Ultimate Beverage Package Royal Caribbean
Unlimited Beverage Package | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

Known for its exclusivity and ultimate luxury, Star Class is the way to go if you want to experience the best-of-the-best that Royal Caribbean has to offer! With perks from priority boarding, to private access, unlimited dining options, and more, Star Class has everything you could want while on a vacation with your family, friends, or group! Here is everything that is included when you book a Star Class Suite!

PRIORITY BOARDING AND DEPARTURE | Be the first to set foot on or off the ship, and don't worry about the lines as you have first boarding and departing privileges with Star Class!

Complimentary Specialty Dining Royal Caribbean
Complimentary Specialty Dining | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

COMPLIMENTARY ACCESS TO ALL THE SPECIALTY DINING | With Star Class, you have your pick of whichever restaurant on the ship that you want, and it is all included with your stay! You will have no problem with reservations for any of the restaurants, as Star Class guests are given priority, and all of your reservations are taken care of by your Royal Genie! You can also request your meals from any of the restaurants be brought to your room so you can enjoy a private evening with your friends and family!

DELUXE BEVERAGE PACKAGE | This package is included when you book a Star Class suite, and ensures all your drinks are covered during your stay on board!

SUITE SUN DECK ACCESS | This exclusive sun deck is open only to Royal Suite passengers, and is the most peaceful and relaxing spot on the ship!

Coastal Kitchen Royal Caribbean
Coastal Kitchen, Oasis of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

COASTAL KITCHEN ACCESS | The Coastal Kitchen is available only to Royal Suite Class guests, and is open to Star Class passengers for complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner!

On the new Icon of the Seas, Royal Suite Guests will also have access to a 2nd Suite only dining option, The Grove. The Grove is located right next to the Suite Sundeck, and is Mediterranean inspired fare, enjoyed al fresco!

COMPLIMENTARY DAILY GRATUITIES | You don't have to be concerned about tipping while on board, because that is all covered when you reserve in Star Class!

COMPLIMENTARY LAUNDRY AND IRONING SERVICES | Ensure that you are dressed and ready for every activity when you take advantage of the Star Class included laundry and ironing service while on board the ship!

UNLIMITED VOOM, THE FASTEST INTERNET AT SEA | You don't have to worry about staying connected while in Star Class, as you, and all your Star Class guests will be granted complimentary access to unlimited Voom, powered by Starlink!

AquaTheater Royal Caribbean
AquaTheater Performance, Wonder of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE IN SELECT ENTERTAINMENT VENUES | You no longer have to worry about getting a good seat at your favorite performances and shows during your cruise. You will have front and center seats at all the shows, with spots specifically reserved for Star Class guests!

WELCOME FOOD & BEVERAGE AMENITY | Before your trip begins, you will be able to request your snack preferences that will greet you upon arrival at your suite; an amazing perk for Star Class guests!

COMPLIMENTARY MINIBAR | Every Star Suite has a fully stocked complimentary mini bar, featuring Coca-Cola® Beverages and Water!

DUXIANA MATTRESS & FRETTE LINENS | These luxury mattresses and linens are found in every Star Class suite, and will ensure comfortable and restful nights of sleep while on board!

Suite Neighborhood Royal Caribbean
Suite Neighborhood, Wonder. of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

THE SUITE NEIGHBORHOOD | Only available on Wonder, Utopia, and Icon, the suite neighborhood offers all the suite-only spaces in one convenient area of the ship. Here you will find the Coastal Kitchen, the Suite Sun Deck, and Suite Lounge, all in the key-card access section, available only to Royal Suite guests!

The Royal Genie - Your Personal Concierge/Butler Service

Royal Genie butler Royal Caribbean
Royal Genie, Oasis of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

The biggest and best perk of all when you book a Royal Caribbean Star Class Suite is the Royal Genie, your personal butler, concierge, and fun maker who is with you every step of the way to grant all of your wishes! You will have access to your Genie by messenger in the days leading up to your cruise, allowing you to put in special requests, arrange dining and entertainment reservations, give welcome treat preferences, as well as ask any and all questions you may have regarding your trip.

Upon arrival at the port for boarding, your Genie will meet you at the terminal to bring you on as the first guests on the ship. While on the cruise, your Genie will also ensure you have priority access to get on and off at each port stop along the way. At the end of your trip, your Genie will bid you goodbye as you disembark the ship before the other passengers, avoiding the crowds and ending your trip on a satisfying note.

FlowRider Surf Simulator Royal Caribbean
FlowRider Surf Simulator, Wonder of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

While onboard, your Genie will take any and all special requests, and grant you access to everything the ship has to offer! You don't have to wait in line for the slides, FlowRider surf simulator, ice skating, miniature golf, bumper cars, or any of your favorite activities! Your Genie will also make reservations for you at any of the specialty dining options of your choice, and can also arrange for in-suite dining from your favorite onboard restaurants so you can have a private dining experience with your family or friends! In addition, if you so choose, your Genie will bring you a fresh cup of coffee every morning, or a cocktail to enjoy in the evening. The Royal Genie can even arrange and plan in-suite parties for you and your friends! Your Genie is the master of surprise, and will shower you with special treats and perks all along the way; you will never know what fun to expect next!

Your Genie will work hard for you so that all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy an unforgettable vacation with your family and friends!

Dining Experiences in Star Class

Specialty Dining Royal Caribbean
Dining Experiences in Star Class, Symphony of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean®

Elevate your dining experience to extraordinary heights! With Star Class, your dining requests are priority. From reserving a table at any restaurant on board, to the convenience of in-suite dining, your Genie will ensure every moment is tailored to perfection, just for you. Your Genie will help you make reservations at any specialty restaurant of your choice, and as a Star Class guest, your reservation takes priority, meaning you will always be able to get a table at your favorite onboard dining spot! All specialty restaurants are included in Star Class, weather it's sushi, or pizza, southern comfort food, or a good steak, the options are endless for Star Class guests!

Something to Note: The only specialty dining not included is the Chef's Table, but your Harr Travel advisor can help you through all the inclusions and reservations to make sure you get the best cruise experience possible!

For those seeking a truly exclusive experience, the Coastal Kitchen awaits. This specialty restaurant offers a delightful fusion of Mediterranean and California inspired cuisine. Open for Star Class guests for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Coastal Kitchen provides a relaxing dining experience for you and your family.

Located next to the Suite Sundeck on Icon of the Seas, is the Grove, the new suite-only dining option. This is al fresco dining at it's finest, and all Mediterranean inspired cuisine!

The best part about dining onboard as a Star Class guest is that all your meals are not only included, but also accompanied by prepaid gratuities! All these amazing dining perks will leave you with a delicious taste in your mouth!

How to Book a Star Suite

So now that you are ready to book a Star Class Suite, let the experts at Harr Travel make all the arrangements for you! We know the spaces inside and out, and have an incredible relationship with Royal Caribbean, their concierge team, and the Genies themselves! Whether you are looking to book a suite on any of the Oasis, Quantum, or Icon class ships, your Harr Travel adviser will expertly craft your next cruise vacation to be an unforgettable one as you enjoy all the exclusive benefits and luxury of Star Class!

Many of these suites go really quick, so make sure to get on Harr Travel's upcoming deployment lists for future cruises to get the best accommodations for you, your family, friends, or group!

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