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Norwegian Viva - Everything Onboard NCL's Newest Cruise Ship

Harr Travel, Norwegian Viva, NCL, Prima Class, Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Viva | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

NCL's newest ship, the stunning Norwegian Viva, is now cruising through the Caribbean, and we could not be more excited here at Harr Travel. We have had the pleasure of setting foot onboard this beautiful vessel, sailing on her out of the shipyard in Italy, as well as onboard one of her first Caribbean sailings out of Miami.

It is safe to say that Norwegian has once again outdone themselves with the design and venues onboard Viva. From the incredible entertainment, to the elevated complimentary dining options, to the heart-racing activities, Viva is a standout in the Norwegian fleet

Viva is the second of the six Prima class ships, and weighs in at over 143,000 gross registered tons. She has the ability to hold up to 3950 guests, and with so many activities, lounge spaces, and fun zones, there is plenty of room onboard for passengers to spread out and enjoy this magnificent ship. Whether you are looking to enjoy a cocktail in the lounge, zip down the waterslide, or tear up the go kart speedway, there are endless opportunities for entertainment and fun onboard.

Specialty Dining
Hasuki, Norwegian Viva, NCL, Norwegian Cruise Line, Prima Class
Hasuki, Viva | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

CAGNEY’S STEAKHOUSE | Cagney's is a Norwegian staple, and is one of the most popular specialty restaurant onboard that features delicious steakhouse options with an open kitchen concept! Reservations are highly recommended for Cagney's, and at Harr Travel, we advise pre-booking as soon as they become available in the weeks leading up to your cruise.

HASUKI | As one of the specialty restaurants that books up the quickest, we highly recommend making reservations at Hasuki the moment they become available. This is a classic teppanyaki grill with shared seating all around the teppanyaki tables, although on Viva, there are a handful of grill tables that seat just 2, perfect for a romantic date night! They have a wide variety of options from fried rice, to steak, scallops, and shrimp; everything needed to create a delicious grilled-up meal!

LE BISTRO | A NCL classic, Le Bistro is French cuisine enjoyed in an elegant setting. This specialty restaurant is the perfect spot for a romantic date or an elevated dinner with friends. If you love butter and French food, you cannot go wrong with Le Bistro.

Harr Travel, NCL, Norwegian Cruise Line, Prima Class, Norwegian Viva, Nama Sushi
Nama Sushi | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

NAMA SUSHI | This is a delicious sushi bar, and Danny’s personal favorite eatery onboard. A great compliment to Hasuki right across the way, Nama Sushi is relatively small restaurant serving delicious sushi and sashimi, so once again we recommend booking ahead if you want to enjoy.

FOOD REPUBLIC | This specialty restaurant is one of Danny’s personal favorites! There are a variety of options including sushi, hand rolls, and different styles of asian street food. This is a great option for a more casual specialty meal, and may be a bit easier to get into than other restaurants if you do not have prior reservations.

Palomar, Harr Travel, NCL, Norwegian Cruise Line, Prima Class, Norwegian Viva
Palomar | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

PALOMAR | This was a brand new addition to Prima, and was brought to Viva because of the rave reviews! This is all about Mediterranean food, with emphasis on the seafood! Enjoy the Mediterranean delicacies in a stunning setting that features a beautiful bar, elegant seating that will make you feel as though you are in a Santorini restaurant, and gorgeous floor to ceiling windows!

STARBUCKS | You don't have to give up your daily Starbucks run while on Viva! Located in the beautiful Penrose Atrium, this full Starbucks has all your favorites and plenty of seating to enjoy your daily coffee!

Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Prima Class, Norwegian Viva, Onda by Scarpetta
Onda by Scarpetta | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

ONDA BY SCARPETTA | This gorgeous specialty restaurant is a piece of artwork in-and-of itself. Not only will you dine on authentic Italian cuisine such as brick oven pizza and handmade al dente pasta; but you will enjoy it all in a beautiful setting!

LOS LOBOS | This is the authentic Mexican restaurant on the ship, where you can enjoy your tacos and guacamole in the vibrant indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Complimentary Dining
Hudson's, Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Prima Class, Norwegian Viva
Hudson's | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

Without a doubt, Viva has some of the most delicious and varied complimentary food choices in the entire cruise industry. You can enjoy the classic buffet option of the Surfside Cafe for a casual option, or sit down at Hudson's for an elegant main dining room experience. You can enjoy 24 hour bites at Local Bar & Grill, or elevated international cuisine at the fabulous new concept of the Indulge Food Hall. No matter what your preference, you can enjoy delicious food not only in the specialty restaurants, but the complimentary ones as well!

HUDSON’S | This gorgeous complimentary dining venue is a sight to behold! The space features wrap around windows, elegant white tablecloths, and beautiful columns and chandeliers throughout. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner here, which includes a static and rotating menu. You even have the ability to purchase from some of the specialty restaurants for an upcharge, if you so choose.

THE COMMODORE ROOM | This exquisite venue is just one of the many complimentary dining choices available on board. It is a fine dining experience featuring a combination of timeless and innovative new dishes.

SURFSIDE CAFE | This is the delicious buffet onboard. This is easy grab-and-go complimentary dining, and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. Hot entrees, fruits, pastas, grilled foods, an egg station in the morning, desserts, salads, and of course the soft serve ice cream machine, Danny’s favorite! The Surfside Cafe onboard Viva is a bit smaller than the traditional buffets, as the hope is that guests will spread out amongst the rest of the complimentary venues such as the Indulge Food Hall and the Local.

SURFSIDE GRILL | This is a classic pool grill concept with hamburgers, hot dogs, and delicious brats! It is a great compliment to the Surfside buffet!

Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Prima Class, Norwegian Viva, Indulge Food Hall
Indulge Food Hall | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

INDULGE FOOD HALL | This is an incredible dining hall where you have the ability to try food from several different restaurant options. The restaurants include Indian food, a dessert bar, asian street food, Texas bbq, a tapas truck, soups, salads, and more! There is seating at each restaurant space, as well as a large open seating area in the middle where you can order off an ipad from any of the food hall restaurants, and have it delivered to your table. There is also a large beverage station with complimentary drinks, and upsell options as well. The seating continues outdoors if you want to enjoy your food while taking in the delightful sea air!

LOCAL BAR & GRILL | This is a 24 hour eatery onboard the Viva, which is an incredible option, especially for any passengers who may be struggling with a little bit of jet lag. Here you have food served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the space also features a bar, lots of seating options, and a huge flat screen tv so you can catch the big game.

JUST ICE CREAM | This is the soft serve ice cream station that sits just outside the Indulge Food Hall. It's complimentary soft serve ice cream, the perfect snack for the whole family, and you will find Danny here several times a day to get his soft serve fix.

Bars & Nightlife
Norwegian Viva, NCL, Norwegian Cruise Line, Prima Class, Belvedere Bar
Belvedere Bar | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

THE CASINO | If you love to gamble, there are lots of options for you at this classic cruise venue. From slot machines, to slide machines, and table games like craps, 3 card poker, and roulette, the Casino is the space for a bit of fun and a little risk. If you want the authentic casino royale experience, there is also a designated smoking section to enjoy. At Harr Travel we always recommend gambling responsibly, and have a good time while you do!

BELVEDERE BAR | This gorgeous, glittering space is an elegant place to relax with friends and order drinks made with delicious Belvedere Vodka by the talented onboard bar tenders.

METROPOLITAN | This art deco inspired bar is a nod to a bygone era, and includes a humidor where you can relax with friends and enjoy a cigar and a cocktail. While you are there, don't forget to have a little fun with the interactive butterfly artwork along the wall!

Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Prima Class, Norwegian Viva, The Improv
The Improv | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

THE IMPROV | The Improv is the comedy club onboard, and features a bar and lots of pub style seating; a great spot to have a drink and good laugh with your friends. This space is intimate, with only a select number of seats. As it is first-come-first-serve, we recommend getting in line ahead of time, as you do not want to miss the top-notch comedians that are onboard Viva.

LUNA BAR | Just off the Indulge Food Hall is the Luna Bar. Here you can sit and order drinks, or order from the Indulge Food Hall and they will deliver to the table!

SYD NORMAN’S | This is an intimate music venue, a space to enjoy a drink with friends while listening to the on board rock band! The band members mingle with the crowd, lending an interactive feel to the whole performance.

VIVA SPEEDWAY BAR | Right by the speedway, and behind the slides and the stadium, this is the place to relax and have a drink with friends after a big race!

Activities & Entertainment
Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Prima Class, Norwegian Viva, Theater, Harr Travel
Theater | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

VIVA THEATER | This incredible space hosts amazing shows that will make you feel as though you are at a broadway production. Beetlejuice is the signature performance with an incredible cast and memorable songs that will have you laughing and crying all through the show. Icons is an amazing musical performance that pays homage to music legends such as Dolly Parton, Barbara Streisand, Lady Gaga, and more with hit after incredible hit that will have you cheering and singing along.

The theater also doubles as a night club, with the seating rolling back and away to create a energetic after-hours experience.

POOL DECK | There are 3 pools on the Pool Deck, one large pool right down the middle, and 2 infinity pools on either side. Here you will also find the Waves Pool Bar, which will serve drinks throughout the entire area. There is also the Surfside Cafe and Palomar for some outdoor dining and bites. There are lounge spaces all around, and this deck is also used for the Glow Party and other events during the cruise.

INFINITY BEACH | Located on both sides of the ship, these are additional pool areas to compliment the main pool deck. There are loungers in the sun and shade, daybeds where you can dip your toes in the refreshing wade pool water, and of course the beautiful infinity pool!

THE ART WALK | This portion of the deck will open up your imagination as you stroll past the many beautiful art installations that were commissioned just for Viva.

SPLASH ACADEMY | This is the kids club onboard! There are play areas for ages 3-12, art centers, craft spaces, a movie zone, games and more!

Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Prima Class, Norwegian Viva, Galaxy Pavilion
Galaxy Pavilion | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

GALAXY PAVILION | This is a fun space with several different futuristic game options. You just put on the VR headset and can enjoy off roading, flying spaceships, car racing, and so much more! There are also two escape rooms here as well, which you can book private just for your group, or join in on another group and work together to figure out how to escape.

VIVA SPEEDWAY | 3 stories of speed and adrenaline! This is a dynamic family entertainment zone, and those who are young and young at heart will have a fun time on the track. There is an observation area on one of the turns, and this is also where you will find laser guns that your friends and family can use to give your kart a boost for even more speed. The Viva Speedway is the world’s biggest go kart track at sea! Take advantage of the unlimited go kart pass so you can come back and race time and time again.

KIDS AQUAPARK | A great splash pad space for kiddos to have fun, with lounge chairs all around for parents to relax and watch their kids play.

THE STADIUM | This is the fun zone, where there are a ton of different games to play, from shuffleboard, to traditional and cylindrical ping pong, beer pong, foosball, and even a full pickleball court.

Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Prima Class, Norwegian Viva, Tee Time, Miniature Golf
Miniature Golf | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

MINIATURE GOLF | Golf is taken into the future with the addition of the new smart golf balls. This means your shots will be tracked and your points are calculated for you, so all you have to do is enjoy the game and get competitive with your friends and family. Each ball is tied to you, and after every shot, you will be able to see where you stand on the scoreboard screens that are at each putt putt course. At the very last hole, you even have the ability to win prizes!

THE SLIDES | There are 3 separate slides on the ship, 2 on one side, 1 on the other. The Rush is the spot where you and a friend can race against each other, a great place to get competitive with your family or group. The Drop is a thrilling slide; the floor drops out from under you, dropping you into a corkscrew for the ultimate thrill!

THE WAVE WATER SLIDE | This is an inner tube water slide that will give you all the thrills! You will drop down into a large bowl that sends you around and down to the bottom, spraying you with water all the way! The best part is that you don't have to carry your inner tube back to the top because there is a conveyor belt that takes it up for you.

Lounges & Sundecks
Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Viva
Vibe Beach Club, Viva | Photo Credit: NCL

STUDIO LOUNGE | This is a space dedicated to, and only available for the solo travelers who book the studio staterooms. There are comfortable seating areas, and a kitchen where you can grab light bites and a refreshing beverage.

LA TERRAZZA | A quiet and relaxing outdoor lounge space to enjoy a drink and a good book.

Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Prima Class, Norwegian Viva, Observation Lounge, Harr Travel
Observation Lounge | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

OBSERVATION LOUNGE | This warm, cozy, and inviting space is all about relaxation and enjoying incredible ocean views! There is a full bar that services the whole observation area, as well as a small buffet with light bites. There is a coffee and tea bar, and lots of different styles of seating including extra comfy loungers, large sofas, and cozy chairs.

VIBE BEACH CLUB | This is the adults only space on board. You can purchase access before you cruise, and enjoy the horseshoe shaped bar, tables for 2 and 4, infinity pools, and extra comfy loungers all around. A great place for couples, as well as parents looking for a little adult relaxation after dropping their kids off at the kids club. The Vibe Beach Club has easy access to the Surfside Cafe and Grill, so you can grab a snack and enjoy.

POOL DECK SUN DECK | Just above the pool deck is a sun deck with lots of loungers, daybeds, and sofas, with covered and uncovered spaces. So whether you are looking to relax in the shade, or get a little sun, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Health & Wellness
Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Viva
Mandara Spa, Viva | Photo Credit: NCL

MANDARA SPA | This is a space Norwegian does well. You can pre book treatments, which we highly recommend. In addition there is a barber shop and salon where you can have your hair done or enjoy and manicure and pedicure. There is a full med spa onboard as well.

The Thermal Suite is an incredible space that includes hydrotherapy pools, water features, aromatic steam room, charcoal sauna, Finnish sauna, experiential shower with Swiss jets and mist, salt room, an infrared sauna, ice room, and hot stone loungers. There is also a relaxation area that offers many lounging options from ultra thick comfy loungers, to hot stone loungers, daybeds, and more. You will not find a more relaxing or rejuvenating spot on the ship than the Mandara Spa.

Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Prima Class, Norwegian Viva, Pulse Fitness Center, Gym, Harr Travel
Pulse Fitness Center | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

PULSE FITNESS CENTER | This is the gym onboard Viva. There are different fitness equipment options, including free weights, aerobic machines, rowing machines, and even a room for spin classes.

Shopping & Services
Norwegian Viva, NCL, Norwegian Cruise Line, Prima Class, The Atrium
Atrium | Photo Copyright: Harr Travel

PENROSE ATRIUM | This large, magnificently designed space spans Deck 6, 7, and 8. Here you will find guest services, retailers, duty free shopping, an internet cafe, the shore excursions desk, and a photo area. You will also find the Cruisenext desk here, where you can purchase certificates for discounted future cruises. You can bring those certificates home and your Harr Travel advisor can help you book your discounted cruise!

The Haven
Norwegian Cruise Line, NCL, Viva
The Haven Sundeck, Viva | Photo Credit: NCL

The pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity onboard Viva can be found within The Haven, an exclusive enclave boasting some of the most beautiful suites at sea. Not only are guests in Haven Suites able to enjoy luxurious amenities and incredible service, they will also receive access to the Haven only spaces onboard the ship.

On Viva, The Haven is at the very top aft of the ship. The lounge has an extensive art collection, intimate and cozy seating areas, and the beloved Haven Lounge Bar. The Haven is the key-card-only area for Haven Suite guests. Viva also has a Haven elevator bank that requires keycard access, just for Haven passengers. The massive concierge area is where any questions will be taken care of, and the Haven team will make sure that all your needs are met during your stay. They also work with your butler (every Haven guests has one) to give you the very best experience at sea!

The Haven restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day with upgraded dining options. You can also dine al fresco at the outdoor Haven restaurant and bar; a space where you can enjoy a little fresh air, even on the cold days, as there are heaters located throughout. The Haven Sundeck offers overstuffed loungers, umbrellas for shade, daybeds, and complimentary cabanas that are first-come-first-serve. There is also an incredible infinity pool as well! Just a level above is the adults-only Haven Sundeck with loungers, day beds, and hot tubs!

Upgrading from a full suite to a Haven suite offers you a huge leap in perks, amenities, and overall comfort during your cruise. Haven guests are completely taken care of, and have access to the best-of-the-best that Norwegian has to offer. Talk to your Harr Travel advisor today about the benefits of upgrading to a Haven Suite. Your advisor can give you all the ins-and-outs of The Haven spaces onboard Viva, and will take care of all your bookings for you, ensuring that you will have your dream vacation of a lifetime!

Booking Your Cruise

Now that you are ready to book your cruise on the beautiful Norwegian Viva, reach out to your Harr Travel advisor today. We know the ship inside and out and have an amazing relationship with the cruise line. We will help you book your dream vacation and will give you the Harr Travel experience every step of the way.

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