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Differences Between Icon of the Seas and an Oasis Class Ship

Icon of the Seas, Wonder of the Seas, Royal Caribbean, Icon Class, Oasis Class
Wonder of the Seas (Top), Icon of the Seas (Bottom) | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Icon of the Seas has been one of the most anticipated ships in cruising history, and now that she has officially set sail and is taking passengers on 7-night sailings around the Caribbean, all eyes are on her, and everything she has to offer. Many cruise lovers are wondering how Icon differs from the popular Oasis Class ships that have come before her. At a quick glance their similarities seem obvious- open-air neighborhoods down the center, lots of pools, incredible water slides; but upon closer inspection, we begin to see how different these two ship classes actually are.

Size Comparison
Royal Caribbean, Icon of the Seas, Icon Class
Icon of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Each Oasis Class ship varies slightly in size and weight from each other, but significantly from Icon in some categories. Let's take a closer look at the major differences in size between the classes.


Wonder of the Seas - 1,187.1 feet

Icon of the Seas - 1,196.7 feet


Wonder of the Seas - 236,857 Gross Registered Tons

Icon of the Seas - 248,663 Gross Registered Tons

CAPACITY (Maximum)

Wonder of the Seas - 7,084 Passengers

Icon of the Seas - 7,600 Passengers

DECKS (Total)

Wonder of the Seas - 18

Icon of the Seas - 20

Royal Caribbean, Symphony of the Seas, Oasis Class
Symphony of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

One of the most recognized features of both the Oasis and Icon Class ships are the distinct neighborhood spaces onboard. All the ships are divided into themed sections featuring an array of unique venues that included activities, entertainment, and of course dining. While there is some crossover between Oasis Class and Icon, you will see many differences between the neighborhoods onboard these ships.

Oasis Class Ships

CENTRAL PARK | An open air, park themed neighborhood with live plants, dining, and shopping.

ROYAL PROMENADE | 2 stories of dining, entertainment, shopping, lounges and bars.

BOARDWALK | Fun zone with carousel, candy shop, casual dining, and AquaTheater at the back.

POOL & SPORTS ZONE | Outdoor pools, FlowRider surf simulator, water slides, sports court, and casual dining and bars.

VITALITY SPA & FITNESS CENTER | World class fitness center and spa with a variety of treatments as well as a complimentary cafe with light spa fare.

ENTERTAINMENT PLACE | Royal theater is located here, along with the ice rink, comedy club, and casino.

YOUTH ZONE | Kids club and teen spaces are located here, including kids science lab, theater, teen lounge space, and more.

Icon of the Seas

CENTRAL PARK | The open air, park themed neighborhood with live plants, dining, and shopping.

ROYAL PROMENADE | 2 stories of dining, entertainment, shopping, lounges and bars.

SURFSIDE FAMILY NEIGHBORHOOD | Fun zone with carousel, candy shop, casual dining, splash pad, and wading pool.

THRILL ISLAND | This adventure zone offers the Category 6 water park, activities such as Crown's Edge and rock climbing, Flowrider surf simulator, casual dining, and mini golf.

CHILL ISLAND | A multi-level relaxation zone with outdoor pools, multiple bars, hot tubs, casual dining, sprinkles soft serve, and plenty of sundeck space.

THE HIDEAWAY | The adult's-only section of the ship, featuring a suspended infinity pool, hot tubs, sundeck loungers, and a bar.

AQUADOME | A dynamic neighborhood featuring the Aqua Theater, an observation lounge, coffee & cocktail bar, specialty dining, and a complimentary food hall.

AquaDome vs AquaTheater
Royal Caribbean, Icon Class, Icon of the Seas, AquaDome
AquaDome Theater | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

OASIS CLASS | On the Oasis Class ships, the AquaTheater is located at the very aft of the ship, at the end of the Boardwalk Neighborhood. Here guests can enjoy the incredible shows that feature acrobats, divers, synchronized swimmers, and dancers. On each side of the theater you will find the AquaTheater suites, both Star and Sky Class options that overlook the theater and it's shows.

ICON OF THE SEAS | On Icon, the AquaTheater had a whole neighborhood built around it. Royal moved the space to the crown, and created the AquaDome. Here the Aqua Show still puts on an incredible performance, but surrounding the theater are additional spaces including Hooked Seafood, an observation lounge at the very forward of the ship, a bar, and the first ever Royal food hall- the AquaDome Market, featuring Asian, Mediterranean, American, and French food options. The Suite restaurant- Coastal Kitchen also overlooks the theater as well, with 2 story windows that allow suite guests to watch the show while they enjoy their delicious meal.

The Hideaway vs Solarium
royal Caribbean, the Solarium, Allure of the Seas, Oasis Class
Solarium, Allure of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

An important part of a cruise ship for many adult vacationers are the 18+ spaces onboard. There are adult-only venues on both the Oasis ships and Icon, but they could not be more different.

THE SOLARIUM | Located in the crown of the Oasis Class ships, the Solarium is a large indoor or partial indoor space for those 18 years and older on the ship. Here guests can relax in the loungers, take a dip in the pool, grab a cocktail from the bar, or warm up in one of the many hot tubs throughout the space. The Solarium Bistro is a complimentary buffet located here, with delicious bites for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and this is the only space in the Solarium where children are allowed.

THE HIDEAWAY | On Icon, the Hideaway is the adult's mecca onboard. Located in the very aft of the ship, just steps away from Thrill Island, the Hideaway is a fully outdoor space featuring hot tubs, sundeck loungers, a bar, a the first ever suspended infinity pool at sea.

KEY DIFFERENCES | The key differences between the Solarium and the Hideaway are the locations. The Solarium is indoors or partially indoors depending on the ship, while the Hideaway is fully outside. The Solarium offers a buffet throughout the day, and while the Hideaway does not have food, complimentary options like Basecamp are just steps away.

THE OVERLOOK | Another space onboard Icon that can be compared to the Solarium is the Overlook in the AquaDome. This lounge area has incredible views out the crown of the ship, and is a quiet and relaxing space during the day. Much like the Solarium Bistro, the AquaDome Market is a great option for quick and easy food throughout the day. This means that on Icon guests will feel as though they have the Hideaway AND Solarium on the ship because of the added benefit of the Overlook in the AquaDome.

Surfside Family vs Boardwalk
Royal Caribbean, Surfside Family Neighborhood, Icon of the Seas, Icon Class
Surfside Family Neighborhood | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

These two neighborhoods are located in the same area of the ship, but have distinct differences.

THE BOARDWALK | On the Oasis ships, this is a nod to the old fashioned boardwalk areas of beach districts that you might have seen in New York or California back in the day. With a slight carnival-like atmosphere, this neighborhood offers the onboard arcade, a carousel, hot dog stand, casual dining, shopping, and a candy shop.

SURFSIDE FAMILY NEIGHBORHOOD | This neighborhood was created to be the ultimate family fun zone. Here families will have an amazing time playing in the arcade, grabbing a delicious casual meal, and having fun in the sun and water. Splashaway Bay is perfectly located in Surfside, along with the wading pool, a playground, and of course the famous Royal carousel. Dining options include Surfside Cafe, Surfside Bites, and a specialty brunch spot- Pier 7. Lemon Post is a bar that offers cocktails and mocktails so every member of the family can enjoy. Adventure Ocean and Social 020 are conveniently located nearby, solidifying this neighborhood as the perfect place for families.

Category 6 vs Perfect Storm
Royal Caribbean, Icon of the Seas, Icon Class, Thrill Island, Category 6 Waterpark
Category 6, Icon of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

These two spaces are the amazing waterparks onboard the ships. Icon debuted the largest waterpark at sea with Category 6, and the Oasis offers 3 waterslides in their always fun Perfect Storm.

PERFECT STORM | The Perfect Storm is a series of 3 waterslides on the Oasis class ships. There are dueling mat racer slides so guests can go head-to-head in a race to see who is the fastest, as well as the always fun champagne bowl water slide. Splashaway Bay is located right next to the waterslide exits on most Oasis ships, making this the family fun section onboard.

CATEGORY 6 | Icon introduced Category 6, and it is now the largest waterpark at sea. There are 6 fantastic and fear-inducing slides including mat racers, 2 raft slides, the first open air freefall slide, and the tallest drop water slide on a cruise ship! It is an incredible place to spend the day, especially for families with older kids and teens. For the younger children, Splashaway Bay was moved to the Surfside Family Neighborhood- the best neighborhood for the little kiddos.

Thrilling Activities on Icon vs Oasis
Royal Caribbean, Ultimate Abyss Slide, Harmony of the Seas
Rock Climbing & Ultimate Abyss Slide, Harmony of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Icon truly knocked the thrills out of the park with the creation of Thrill Island, but Oasis ships boast many adrenaline-pumping activities as well.

ROCK CLIMBING | Icon built Adrenaline Peak at the top of the ship, with incredible views of the ocean that make climbers feel as though they have conquered a mountain. While the Oasis ships have their rock climbing wall located on a lower deck, the sheer size is night and day compared to Icon. The Oasis ships boast 2 incredible walls that are several decks tall and will truly get your heart racing!

FLOWRIDER | Both Icon and Oasis class ships have their FlowRider surf simulators located at the back but Oasis class offers 2, giving guests double the fun, and reducing wait times by half.

CROWNS EDGE | A new and wildly popular activity on Icon is the Crown's Edge. This is a ropes course that has guests walking across bridges and platforms out over the side of the ship, 16 decks above the water. The last platform drops out from under you, and will send you back to the ship via a zipline- the ultimate thrill onboard!

ULTIMATE ABYSS | On the Oasis ships, the Ultimate Abyss is the #1 thrill. This dry slide sends guest spiraling down 10 decks to the AquaTheater below! It is on every Oasis ship except Allure of the Seas, but as she is set to be renovated in 2025, we can only expect that Royal will be adding this popular ride to Allure as well.

The Ships
Royal Caribbean, Oasis class
Oasis of the Seas, Symphony of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

OASIS CLASS SHIPS | With 5 ships already in the Oasis fleet, and the 6th and 7th ships releasing in 2024 and 2028, Oasis is an incredible option for a dynamic and exciting cruise vacation. Each ship is slightly different than the next, all with their own little unique touches and venues.

Oasis of the Seas (2009)

Allure of the Seas (2010)

Harmony of the Seas (2016)

Symphony of the Seas (2018)

Wonder of the Seas (2022)

Utopia of the Seas (Summer 2024)

Oasis 7... (2028)

ICON CLASS SHIPS | Icon has made waves in the industry as the largest cruise ship ever built, and the next Icon Class ship is set to be even bigger. With Royal going bigger and better every ship, we cannot wait to see what is next for this class.

Icon of the Seas (January 2024)

Star of the Seas (2025)

Icon 3... (2026)

Booking Your Cruise

Now that you are ready to book your cruise on Icon of the Seas or any of the Oasis Class ships- reach out to the experts at Harr Travel. We know the spaces inside and out, and have an incredible relationship with Royal Caribbean. Our advisors will craft the cruise vacation of a lifetime for you, your friends, family, or group at an incredible rate, and give you the Harr Travel signature service every step of the way!

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