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What's New and Different Onboard Norwegian Aqua

Aqua Slidecoaster, Norwegian Aqua, Prima Class, NCL
Aqua Slidecoaster | Photo Credit: NCL

The excitement about NCL's next Prima Class ship, Norwegian Aqua, has been off the charts, and the past few days have been filled with the slow release of all the details about what is new and improved onboard. From all the information we at Harr Travel have gathered thus far, it is looking as though Aqua will differ quite a bit from her predecessors - Prima and Viva.

From the venues, to the activities, to the stateroom and suite design, Aqua is taking a different step than Prima and Viva, with new innovations and expanded favorites. NCL continues to release information about Aqua, but here is what we know so far:

What's New
NCL, Aqua Slidecoaster, Prima Class, Norwegian Aqua
Aqua Slidecoaster | Photo Credit: NCL

AQUA SLIDECOASTER | The biggest difference between Aqua and the two previous Prima ships has been the removal of the Go Kart track. On Aqua, the Speedway has been replaced with the brand new Slidecoaster, the world's first hybrid roller coaster and water slide at sea! This two person Slidecoaster will launch you and a friend into another dimension as you reach high speeds in this thrilling new ride! The side-by-side slide coaster setup means you will be able to challenge friends to a race.

For those of you wondering if this is the only water slide DON'T WORRY- The Drop is back on Aqua and ready for you to take the stomach dropping ride down 10 stories!

Glow Court, Norwegian Aqua, Prima Class, NCL
Glow Court | Photo Credit: NCL

GLOW COURT | Challenge your friends to an epic game in the new high-tech LED sports floor, engineered for immersive play! The Glow Court is located in the aft, surrounded by the Aqua Slidecoaster, solidifying that this will be the area of the ship for thrills and fun! Enjoy the game on the court, from the sidelines, or relax in the stylish lounge. This new sport court space is an exciting addition for Aqua!

What's Changed
Main Pool Deck, Norwegian Aqua, Prima Class, NCL
Main Pool Deck | Photo Credit: NCL

AQUAPARK & MAIN POOL DECK | Because of the new locations of the water slides onboard Aqua, the main pool deck is looking a bit different. The slides being moved means there is even more space, leaving the venue looking more elevated than ever. In addition, there will now be daybeds around the pool, which is a brand new infinity edge style!

Vibe Beach Club, Norwegian Aqua, Prima Class, NCL
Vibe Beach Club | Photo Credit: NCL

VIBE BEACH CLUB | The popular club for guests 18 and over has been expanded on Aqua. This area is a peaceful oasis onboard a ship full of adventure and thrills. Vibe is the place to relax, enjoy a cocktail from the bar, and take a dip in the infinity pools and hot tubs. Passes are always limited to this private retreat, meaning you can enjoy a less crowded area while onboard.

La Terraza, Norwegian Aqua, NCL, Ocean Boulevard. Prima Class
Ocean Boulevard, La Terraza | Photo Credit: NCL

OCEAN BOULEVARD | Located on Deck 8, the Ocean Boulevard allows you to walk around the entire ship, and enjoy varying venues and lounge spaces while doing so! With a drink in hand, you can have a thrill strolling over the glass bridge, relax on La Terrazza or Infinity Beach, or grab a delicious meal from the Indulge Food Hall to eat at the Indulge Outdoor Lounge.


Boasting the largest accommodations of NCL's entire fleet, Norwegian Aqua is making a few style changes within the accommodations. The elevated designs are reminiscent of a mid-century modern new york city penthouse apartment, with contemporary wall art, houndstooth sofas, and clean lines throughout. It's an entirely different look than Prima and Viva, but just as elegant as ever!

More to Come...

With so many of the venues on the Aqua deck plans labeled "To Come", we anticipate a lot of thrilling updates throughout the coming weeks. We are so excited about the changes and new venues onboard Aqua, and will keep you updated as announcements are made!

Booking Your Cruise on Aqua

In the meantime, booking for Aqua is now open, which means you can book your suite or stateroom for some of her first sailing! Reach out to your Harr Travel advisor today. We will work with you to secure you preferred Haven suite, suite, or stateroom at an incredible rate. We know we can craft the cruise vacation of a lifetime for you, your friends, family, or group, and give you the Harr Travel signature experience every step of the way.

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