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Royal Announces that Star of the Seas Will be Open for Booking on December 5th!

Star of the Seas, Icon of the Seas, Icon Class, Royal Caribbean
Star of the Seas | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean has just announced that their upcoming Icon Class ship, Star of the Seas, will be open for her first bookings on December 5th!  She will be making her debut in summer 2025, showcasing the fun and bold vacation style that Icon Class is all about.  Icon of the Seas created a buzz the likes of which haven’t been seen before in the cruise industry, selling out almost instantly as soon as bookings became available, and we know that Star of the Seas will do the same.  The hype has been off the charts, setting a precedent for what the future looks like for Royal, especially the Icon Class of ship.

As we saw with Icon, the suites will be the first to book up, so reach out to a Harr Travel advisor today, and they can get you on the deployment lists for Star of the Seas, ensuring you get your preferred accommodation. 

As a Royal Suite Class Ship, Star of the Seas will have those coveted Star, Sky, and Sea suites that will blow your mind, and come with some of the best amenities and perks at sea.  These will sell out immediately, so talk to the Harr Travel experts, and we can work for you to secure your dream vacation of a lifetime onboard Star of the Seas.

Booking Your Cruise

While we still don’t have all the details on Star of the Seas, we know that she will continue what Icon is starting.  The distinct neighborhoods, exciting entertainment, and thrilling activities will make Star the perfect vacation for you, your friends, family, or group.  At Harr Travel we work closely with Royal Caribbean, and have a phenomenal relationship with the company.  We know the ships inside and out, and will be able to get you on the deployment lists for Star of the Seas, securing you the cruise vacation of a lifetime.  Reach out today and get ready for your 2025 cruise on the magnificent Star of the Seas!

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