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Perfect Day at CocoCay - A Full Guide to Royal Caribbean's Private Island in the Bahamas

Updated: Jul 12

Royal Caribbean, Private Island, Perfect Day at CocoCay, CocoCay
Perfect Day at CocoCay | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

One of the most popular destinations that Royal Caribbean offers on many of their Bahamas and Caribbean cruise itineraries is their incredible private island experience- Perfect Day at CocoCay. This 120 acre island offers several distinct areas, including the exhilarating Thrill Waterpark, relaxing Chill Island, adults-only brand new Hideaway Beach, and so much more. It's a paradise for every age, with something for every member of your group or family to enjoy.

Many aspect of the island are included with the price of your cruise, from dining, to pools, beach access, and lounging spaces. There are also the options to upgrade your experience such as renting cabanas, booking access to more secluded sections like the Coco Beach Club or Hideaway Beach, and purchasing passes to the incredible Thrill Waterpark.

CocoCay can be an overwhelming place for first-timers, so we have created the perfect guide to the island to make your Perfect Day as relaxing and fun as possible.

Chill Island
Royal Caribbean, Perfect Day at CocoCay, Chill Island
Chill Island, Perfect Day at CocoCay | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Chill Island is where you will find the classic island beach experience. If the goal is to enjoy a relaxing day in the sun savoring drinks and light bites, and maybe a bit of swimming and snorkeling, this is the place for you.


BEACHES | The beach areas along Chill Island are designed to be relaxing. There are many loungers with shade umbrellas throughout the beach, as well as hammocks tucked away in the trees. You can enjoy wading or swimming in the crystal blue water- and Chill Island has some of the best snorkeling around CocoCay. You will also find a mini island library where you can borrow a book for the day.

SHORE EXCURSION RENTALS | $$ | Many of the shore excursions and rentals can be found at Chill Island. Excursions and rentals include:


Wave Runners

Scuba Diving


Paddle Boarding

Floating Mat Rentals

Dining & Bars

CHILL GRILL | This is the main dining area on Chill Island, and is a buffet serving classic beach menu items from burgers, hot dogs, chicken, corn-on-the-cob, salads, and a delicious taco station.

SNACK SHACK | This is the quick, grab-and-go snack window that offers hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, burgers, and more.

WHACKY SEAGULL BAR | $ | Here you can relax in the shade of the bar, or take your drink back to your lounger to enjoy in the sun. If you have purchased a drink package on your cruise, this will also extend to the bars on the island.

AIRSTREAM TRAILER BAR | $ | A small airstream trailer is set up along the beach, offering a variety of cocktails and drinks. Your drink package will extend to the bars on the island.

Cabanas & Daybeds

DAYBEDS | $$ | For a more comfortable space to spread out for the day, you might consider renting one of the daybeds at Chill Island. A daybed is a wonderful home base you can come back to throughout the day to relax in between adventures.

CHILL ISLAND CABANAS | $$$ | Located on the north side of Chill Island, these cabanas have a bit of separation from the rest of the beach for a more private feel. When you rent a cabana for the day you will have a wide array of amenities including chaise loungers, sectional sofa, towels, bluetooth speaker, locking storage, charging outlets, floating mats, and a cabana attendant that can bring you drinks and bites from the snack shack throughout the day.

Breezy Bay at Chill Island
Royal Caribbean, Perfect Day at CocoCay, Breezy Bay, Chill Island
Breezy Bay at Chill Island | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

On the far north side of Chill Island is Breezy Bay. This space offers a more active relaxation, with sports courts and games, as well as beach loungers throughout.


SPORTS & GAMES | There are many sport and game options throughout Breezy Bay including:

Beach Volleyball


Giant Chess

Giant Pool

Jumbo Jenga

Pingpong Tables

Corn Hole

Dining & Bars

SNACK SHACK | There is a 2nd Snack Shack located at Breezy Bay, offering burgers, chicken sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, hot dogs, and more!

BREEZY BAY BAR | $ | A great place to hang out and enjoy a drink with friends. The Coco Loco is the signature drink on the island, so don't forget to try one before you leave. Your onboard drink package will extend to the island if you have purchased that for your cruise.

Cabanas & Daybeds

DAYBEDS | $$ | There are daybeds available for rent at Breezy Bay, a great option for those looking to elevate their experience, and have a more comfortable spot to relax on the beach.

Thrill Waterpark
Royal Caribbean, Perfect Day at CocoCay, Thrill Waterpark
Thrill Waterpark, Perfect Day at CocoCay | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

For a thrilling day on CocoCay, look no further than Thrill Waterpark. With 14 slides across 2 towers, 2 pools, and delicious food and bar options, you could easily spend the whole day on CocoCay without leaving the waterpark. Thrill Island is an additional cost to get in, and space is limited, so be sure to purchase your passes ahead of time before your cruise.


DAREDEVILS PEAK | At the very top of Daredevil Tower, this is the tallest waterslide in all of North America!

DUELING DEMONS | These two slides drop riders 75 feet from a vertical position.

GREEN MAMBA | A 50 foot waterslide with plenty of thrilling twists and turns.

SCREECHING SERPENT | A 50 foot vertical speed waterslide.

MANTA RACERS | Twin waterslides where you can race a friend.

SLINGSHOT | Up to 4 people can enjoy this raft water ride where you drop down the slide and are shot up a nearly vertical wall- a blast for the whole family.

SPLASH SPEEDWAY | This mat slide is all about who has the fastest time, as up to 4 people can race against each other on these 4 side-by-side waterslides.

TWISTER | This twisting 2 rider tube slide is always a fun time for everyone.

TAIL SPIN | A tube slide can fit the whole family on the 4 person raft.

WAVE POOL | This is the biggest wave pool in the Caribbean, and is always a hit, with constant waves, big and small, and water features throughout the space.

ADVENTURE POOL | This pool is a blast for the kiddos, featuring aquatic obstacle courses that will keep them entertained for hours!

Dining & Bars

SNACK SHACK | A 3rd Snack Shack can be found in Thrill Waterpark, with menu offerings of burgers, hot dogs, crispy chicken sandwiches, and more!

SKIPPER'S GRILL | Complimentary options including BBQ, salads, and tacos.

WATERPARK BAR | $ | For a little refreshment, stop by the bar inside the waterpark and enjoy the signature Coco Loco, beers, or non-alcoholic drinks. As always, if you have the drink package, that will extend to the bars on the island.

Cabanas & Daybeds

WATERPARK CABANAS | $$$ | The cabanas in the waterpark are a great option if you are looking to elevate your experience and have a comfortable home base for the whole family for the entire day. Each cabana can accommodate up to 6 people and offers a sectional sofa, loungers, locking storage, charging outlets, towels, cooler, water bottles, and a cabana attendant.

Coco Beach Club
Royal Caribbean, Perfect Day at CocoCay, Coco Beach Club, Over the Water Cabanas
Over-the-Water Cabanas, Coco Beach Club | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

If you want to elevate your CocoCay experience, Coco Beach Club is the place. This is a more private, limited capacity area of the island, with upgraded service, dining, and enhanced amenities. There is also no age limit at Coco Beach Club, so it is an incredible option for the whole family!


POOL | The infinity pool at Coco Beach is gorgeous, and will be much less crowded and noisy than the other pools throughout the island. You will also have access to upgraded beach towels in the club area.

BEACH | The beach at Coco Beach Club is private, and offers a serene and relaxed experience. There are also complementary floating mats that guests can borrow to enjoy in the shallows.

Dining & Bars

COCO BEACH CLUB RESTAURANT | This complimentary option is truly elevated dining. You will feel as though you are in a specialty restaurant, but the best part is that it is included with the price of your pass! Enjoy upgraded menu options such as ceviche, shrimp cocktail, broiled lobster, herb marinated filet mignon, the cabana burger, and the signature lobster sandwich.

BAR | $ | Be sure and order the Coco Cuvée, the signature cocktail at the Coco Beach bar! As always, your drink package will work at the CocoCay bars if you have purchased one for your cruise.

Cabanas & Daybeds

BEACH CABANAS | $$$ | Located on the sandy beach, these cabanas offer many incredible amenities. Not only will you have the most beautiful ocean views, but you and up to 8 guests can enjoy a dining area, sectional sofa, fridge, ceiling fan, charging outlets, locking storage, bottled water, towels, and a cabana attendant that will bring your snacks and drinks upon your request.

OVER-THE-WATER CABANAS | $$$$ | For the most exclusive experience on CocoCay, look no further than the Over-the-Water Cabanas at Coco Beach Club! These incredible French Polynesian bungalow-style cabanas are the largest on the island, and offer an over-the-water hammock, slide into the ocean, wet bar, sectional sofa, loungers, shade umbrellas, fridge, charging outlets, cooler tables, towels, and a cabana attendant to see to your needs throughout the day. This is the best way to elevate your vacation and truly have the relaxing tropical beach experience of your dreams.

Hideaway Beach
Royal Caribbean, Perfect Day at CocoCay, Hideaway Beach
Hideaway Beach | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Hideaway Beach is a daytime rave for the cruisers 18+ who want to get away for the day and enjoy a bit of time partying, relaxing, and socializing. The crescent-shaped beach is filled with loungers facing the crystal-clear blue lagoon, and peppered throughout are pools, rentable cabanas, delicious food spots, and incredible bars. The music is thumping, dancers entertain by the pool, and the party atmosphere is in full swing on a sunny day at Hideaway Beach.


HIDEAWAY POOL | This extensive pool is the main focal point of Hideaway. It stretches across the whole upper part of the beach, with the Hideaway Bar directly in the center, featuring a swim-up bar and music blasting throughout the day. There are a select amount of over-the-water daybeds you can wade out to and claim for the day, as well as in-the-water loungers. Plenty of seating can be found along the pool edge, and in the pool itself. There is an island, swim-up tables, and views from the infinity edge looking out to the beach and lagoon beyond.

HIDEAWAY BEACH | The moon-shaped beach is filled end-to-end with comfortable lounge chairs and umbrellas so guests can grab a drink and enjoy a day in the shade or sun. On the far end are hammocks in the water, as well as covered cocktail tables, and the swings so you can take the perfect instagram shot.

Dining & Bars

SNACK SHACK | This complimentary food spot features an extensive menu that includes burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, fries, shrimp, and so much more. You can grab a quick snack and head back to your lounger, or one of the many nearby tables to enjoy. There are also drink and dessert stations throughout, so you can grab a refreshing lemonade, and a chocolate chip cookie to-go.

SLICE OF PARADISE | This is the complimentary pizza restaurant where you can grab a delicious slice of tropical-themed pizza or empanada. There is a bar connected to it, so you can have a slice of pie and a tasty cocktail to go along with it. There is plenty of seating, or you can take you lunch back to your cabana or lounger to enjoy.

HIDEAWAY BAR | $ | Located under the huge covered patio at the center of the Hideaway Pool, the Hideaway Bar is the main bar scene. There is a dry and swim-up section, so you can enjoy a cocktail with friends on land, or in the water!

ON THE ROCKS BAR | $ | Located near the secondary entrance to Hideaway Beach, On The Rocks Bar serves up delicious tropical-themed cocktails, and offers plenty of comfortable seating, games, and a band playing calypso style music throughout the day.

Cabanas & Daybeds

HIDEAWAY CABANAS | $$$ | These rentable cabanas are located close to all the action, just steps away from the Hideaway Pool and Bar. In the cabana guests can enjoy a shaded space, relaxing loungers, chairs, a sofa, ceiling fan, towels provided, lockable storage, charging outlets, floating beach mats, a cooler, a wet bar, and a cabana attendant that will bring you drinks and food (food is included, an drinks will cost extra unless you have the drink package on your cruise).

HIDEOUT CABANAS | $$$$ | The Hideout Cabanas are the spot for a more chill, VIP experience. Located far away from the hustle and bustle of the Hideaway Pool, guests can enjoy a relaxing space that includes comfortable chairs and sofa, a hanging chair, wet bar, ceiling fan, charging outlets, cooler, floating beach mats, ceiling fan, lockable storage, and a cabana attended that can bring food and drinks (drinks are an additional charge unless you have the drink package). Upgraded touches include a bluetooth speaker, outdoor shower, and an exclusive infinity style pool just for Hideout Cabana guests.

Oasis Lagoon
Royal Caribbean, Oasis Lagoon, Perfect Day at CocoCay, Bahamas, Private Island
Oasis Lagoon | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

The Oasis Lagoon is the largest freshwater pool in the Caribbean! It is no additional cost to access this portion of the island, and it is a great option for those who prefer pools over salt water.


RELAXATION | Throughout the lagoon you will find plenty of shaded and unshaded lounge seating, chairs, and hammocks that are first-come-first-serve. There are loungers in the pools as well to help you cool off on a hot day. There are several swim-up islands throughout, adding to the lagoon vibes.

Dining & Bars

BARS | $ | There are a couple different bar options in the Oasis Lagoon area. There is a fun swim-up bar so you can enjoy a dip and a drink. For those who prefer not to get wet, there is a walk-up bar as well where you can grab a delicious cocktail or mocktail. If you purchased the drink package for your cruise, this will extend to the bars on CocoCay as well.

Cabanas & Daybeds

OASIS LAGOON CABANAS | $$$ | To upgrade your lagoon experience, there are cabanas for rent. You can enjoy a shaded space with loungers and a sectional sofa. There will be locked storage and charging outlets as well, and a cabana attendant will be available throughout the day.

South Beach
Royal Caribbean, Perfect Day at CocoCay, South Beach
South Beach | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

If you are looking for more of a party atmosphere in the public spaces, South Beach is the spot. There is more energy here, and music pumping, several different bars throughout, and various sport courts and activities.


BEACH | There are plenty of loungers and sandy spaces to spread out and relax in the sun. There are umbrellas for shaded options as well, and lots of beach to enjoy the refreshing water, including the in-water cocktail tables.

SPORTS | South Beach offers many different sports areas including beach volleyball, a basketball court, pingpong tables, and more!

Dining & Bars

SNACK SHACK | This is the 5th Snack Shack on the island, with a menu offering quick grab-and-go options for burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and more!

SOUTH BEACH BARS | $ | There are several bars across South Beach, so you won't have to go far to grab a delicious cocktail or refreshing beer. Your drink package for your cruise will extend to the CocoCay bars.

FLOATING BAR | $ | Just offshore is a fun floating bar that you can swim to for a drink and a relaxing time with friends. You can use your drink package here as well.


SOUTH BEACH CABANAS | $$$ | To upgrade your South Beach experience, you can rent a cabana for the day. This is a great option for friend groups wanted a more private homebase while on the island- a relaxing spot to enjoy before heading out onto South Beach to continue the party. Cabanas come with an array of amenities including a sectional sofa, loungers, towels, charging stations, locking storage, and a cabana attendant that will bring drinks and snacks upon request.

DAYBEDS | $$ | For a more comfortable space to spread out for the day, renting a daybed is an incredible upgraded option. You will have a relaxing spot on the beach, with a bit of shade- the perfect place to relax with a good book and a delicious cocktail.

Cove Beach
Royal Caribbean, Perfect Day at CocoCay
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

Cove Beach is the place to get away from it all. This beach is a little further out, and more isolated, providing a quiet and relaxing space for guests who want to avoid the crowds.


BEACH | There is ample quiet beach space to enjoy at Cove Beach. There are loungers throughout for relaxation, making it the perfect place for a good book or an afternoon nap.

NATURE WALK | Just behind the beach is a sandy pathway where you can stroll and learn more about the local flora.

Cabanas & Daybeds

DAYBEDS | $$ | For an even more peaceful time, consider renting a daybed at Cove Beach.

Harbor Beach
Royal Caribbean, Perfect Day at CocoCay, Harbor Beach
Harbor Beach | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

This is a cove located on the interior of the island. This is another great option for families, with beach access, a delicious buffet, and the always entertaining Captain Jack's!


BEACH | The beach offer comfortable loungers and seating throughout with views of the ship, and floating lily pads- always a fun option for the kiddos!

SPLASHAWAY BAY | This is the fun and interactive splash pad that will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Dining & Bars

SKIPPERS GRILL | This complimentary dining venue is a buffet that offers delicious grilled options including burgers, hot dogs, rice bowls, chicken, and more! And the best part is the soft serve station for a sweet treat throughout the day.

CRACKED COCONUT BAR | $ | While the kids enjoy the soft serve, the parents can get a tasty cocktail from the Cracked Coconut Bar to sip in the sun. As always, your drink package will work at the bars on CocoCay.

CAPTAIN JACK'S BAR | $ | This fun space is entertaining for kids and adult alike. There is a bar for cocktails, as well as a Wings and Fries window (for an additional cost). Relax under the shaded structure on the sofas or in one of the swings while musical performers sing and dance and put on a fun pirate show.

Seaside Point
Royal Caribbean, Perfect Day at CocoCay, Seaside Point
Seaside Point | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

This small rocky beach overlooks the pier where the cruise ships are docked. While swimming is not permitted here due to conditions, this area tends to be a bit more chill and quiet compared to the swimming beaches around the island.


RELAXATION | Grab a lounger for the day and enjoy this peaceful corner of the island.

HAIR BRAIDING | $ | Everyone can enjoy this fun station where you can get your hair braided and beaded by the Bahamian locals! When shopping for souvenirs or purchasing services from the locals at CocoCay, cards a always accepted, but don't forget to bring some cash as it is preferred.

Additional Activities
Royal Caribbean, Perfect Day at CocoCay, Up Up and Away Helium Balloon
Up Up and Away Balloon | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

UP UP AND AWAY HELIUM BALLOON | $$ | Experience an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime thrill when you book a ride in CocoCay's famous helium balloon. Rise 450 feet above the ground, higher than any point in the Bahamas, and take in the breathtaking views of the island. This activity is very limited, and should be booked well in advance in the weeks leading up to your cruise. This excursion is subject to weather conditions.

ZIPLINE | $$ | Soar over the island during the CocoCay zipline excursion! Strap in and enjoy the views as you fly high over the treetops and beaches of Perfect Day. This excursion requires pre-booking, so be sure to reserve your space as soon as it becomes available.

Booking Your Cruise

It's easy to see why CocoCay is the Perfect Day, as it offers incredible activities, dining, and relaxation that every member of the family will enjoy. A large majority of Royal's cruises in the Caribbean have Perfect Day at CocoCay on the itinerary, as it is by far the most popular Royal destination.

When you are ready to book you cruise to CocoCay, be sure to reach out to the experts at Harr Travel. We know the island inside and out, and have an amazing relationship with Royal Caribbean. Our advisors will work with you to craft the cruise vacation of a lifetime for you and your family, and give you the signature Harr Travel service every step of the way.

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