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A Closer Look at the Brand New Thermal Suite Aboard Norwegian Joy

NCL, Norwegian Joy, Mandara Spa, Thermal Suite, Enhancement
Thermal Suite, Joy | Photo Credit: NCL

Norwegian Sky has just come off of an extensive enhancement and is offering several new and improved changes throughout the ship. NCL listened to guest's requests and added a Thermal Suite to the Mandara Spa. The newer Norwegian Ships have all sported Thermal Suites, an amenity that guests have fallen in love with.

Now in addition to the treatment center, the Mandara Spa offers a large relaxation space, and Thermal Circuit, which guests can access with a day pass or cruise-long pass, no treatment booking necessary. Here is everything you will find in the new Thermal Suite onboard Norwegian Joy.

NCL, Norwegian Joy, Mandara Spa, Thermal Suite, Enhancement
Relaxation Zone | Photo Credit: NCL

SALT ROOM | Relax on the beautiful marble bench that wraps around the Himalayan salt-lined room. The Salt Room will help boost the body's immune system, increase circulation to the skin, and ease stiff muscles, along with many other benefits.

AROMATIC STEAM ROOM | The thermal experience continues with the aromatic steam room, a large space with seating all around, and steam infused with essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender. Here you can sit for a while and breath in the steam, allowing your body to relax completely in preparation for the continuation of the Thermal Suite experience.

FINNISH SAUNA | The traditional Finnish Sauna is a must for many guests visiting the spa. Here you can lay out your towel, pour a bit of water on the coals, and allow your body to completely relax.

NCL, Norwegian Joy, Mandara Spa, Thermal Suite, Enhancement
Experientail Showers, Joy | Photo Credit: NCL

EXPERIENTIAL SHOWERS | There are several showers you can enjoy in Thermal Suite, including a Swiss shower witch jets on all sides, and the rainfall shower experience with thunder sounds, tropical mist, and water sprinkling down from above you as you walk through.

COLD PLUNGE POOL | One of the wellness routines you will find in Scandinavia is the art of cold plunging. There is a small pool with cold water that you can dip you body in. The recommendation is at least 15 seconds, and then head to the Finnish Sauna to wam up. This helps with blood flow and circulation.

ICE ROOM | As an alternative to the cold plunge, there is also an Ice Room. Inside the Ice Room is seating, and a bowl of snow. Here you can rub the snow all over your body, and then go out and enjoy a warm sauna, hot tub, or just relax in the relaxation zone at the front of the spa.

HOT TUB | The last experience in the circuit is the hot tub. Here you can join your fellow passengers in ultimate relaxation as you dip into the warm water and allow the jets to massage your back.

NCL, Norwegian Joy, Mandara Spa, Thermal Suite, Enhancement
4 Senses Loungers, Joy | Photo Credit: NCL

RELAXATION ZONE | Located at the very front of the ship, the relaxation zone is the space to relax, read a good book, and enjoy the peace and serenity of the spa. Lining the floor-to-ceiling windows are the hot stone loungers, where you can let your muscles relax and enjoy the incredible views off the bow of the ship. Throughout the space are various lounging options from traditional extra-comfy daybeds, as well as 4 Senses Loungers. These loungers ignite the senses with calming sounds, relaxing smells, calming lights, and subtle warmth and movements that will allow for total relaxation.

Booking Your Cruise

Now that you are ready to book your cruise on Norwegian Joy and check out the Thermal Suite for yourself, reach out to the experts at Harr Travel. We know the spaces inside and out, and have an amazing relationship with NCL. Our advisors will craft the relaxing cruise vacation of a lifetime for you, your friends, family, or group at an exceptional rate, and give you the Harr Travel signature service every step of the way.

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