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What is "The Pearl" on Icon of the Seas?

Royal Caribbean, Icon Class, Icon of the Seas, The Pearl
The Pearl | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

There is nothing new about a "Grand Main Staircase" onboard a cruise ship, but with Icon of the Seas, Royal Caribbean has taken the concept and modernized it, creating The Pearl. She is the first thing that greets guests as they make their way up the escalators from the midship gangway, and operates as part functional space, part relaxation space, and part artwork- all wrapped into one architectural masterpiece that you won't be able to take your eyes off of!

Situated in the Royal Promenade, The Pearl features a gently curving staircase, with seating on each side for guests to hang out and enjoy with their morning cup of coffee from starbucks or the new Pearl Cafe. The interior ceiling and walls of The Pearl are made up of hundreds of panels that pivot gently, creating movement throughout the sphere, and lights are used to make ever so slight changes in color throughout the day.

What most people don't know is that the Pearl was not just made for looks. She is load-bearing, and was created for structural purposes to allow for the incredible 2-story windows out the side of the Promenade. Without the Pearl, the Promenade on Icon would not have the incredible amount of natural light that gives the space its open and airy feel. She is a feat of engineering that gives us a glimpse into the future of how cruise ships will be imagined, and built going forward.

The Pearl Cafe, The Pearl, Icon of the Seas, Icon Class, Royal Caribbean
The Pearl Cafe | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

At the top of the staircase is the brand new Pearl Cafe, featuring a large lounge area with comfortable chairs and tables, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The cafe features all complimentary snacks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, from toasted sandwiches, to ready-made salads, yogurt parfaits, sweet treats, and so many more delicious options.

The Pearl is a beautiful addition to the Royal Promenade, and guests adore her. The windows out the side of the ship on both levels have created an open and airy space on Icon that always felt a bit dark and small on previous ships. All-in-all the new look of the Royal Promenade on Icon hits all the marks and updates the space in the best possible way.

Booking Your Cruise

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