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What is a Pillow Menu on a Cruise Ship?

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Staying in a suite aboard a cruise ship is a premium experience where you will sail in comfort, be taken care of by attentive, world-class staff, and have access to many luxurious amenities and privileges. Despite being available on numerous ships, the pillow menu is an amenity that is often underutilized. Selecting the ideal pillow is crucial for ensuring a restful night's sleep, an important factor that will enhance the relaxation of your vacation experience.

What exactly is a pillow menu? Although you may believe it is simply the option of having a firm or soft spot to place you head at night, the reality is so much more. From selecting your preferred filler, to hypo-allergenic, cooling technology, and more- a pillow menu option should be taken advantage of whenever offered.

Feather and down-filled pillows are just the start. For guests seeking a more conforming option, memory foam may be the way to go. Hypoallergenic pillows can alleviate allergy symptoms, promoting uninterrupted sleep. If you prefer to sleep on a silk or satin pillow, such options are often available on the menu. Additional options that cater to specific needs are also available, such a snoring-prevention pillows, or water pillows that can be filled with warm or cool water. As you can see the pillow menu is much more than how soft you want your sleep to be. You can find a wide array of options that will help promote better sleep and a more relaxing cruise vacation.

Booking Your Cruise

For most cruise brands, guests staying in the top suites will have a pillow menu available to them, although on the luxury cruise lines you may find that all guests will have the option to choose their preferred pillow. Talk to your Harr Travel advisor before you book your cruise. They will let you know exactly what in-suite amenities and perks you will receive, so you can head out on your next cruise vacation knowing that you will get some of the best sleep of your life- all at an incredible value!

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