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The Onboard Experiences Guests Can Expect on NCL's Upcoming Prima-Plus Class Ship - Norwegian Aqua

NCL, Norwegian Aqua, Aqua Slidecoaster
Aqua Slidecoaster | Photo Credit: NCL

After the highly successful release of Norwegian Prima and Norwegian Viva, NCL is creating it's first Prima-Plus Class ship- Norwegian Aqua. Slated to release in 2025, Aqua will have many similarities to her Prima predecessors, as well as several stark differences. Guests will see the incredible returns of fan favorite venues, as well as the debut of all-new spaces, dining, and activities.

The Prima Class has always boasted many fun experiences onboard, and activities that will keep guests entertained all through the day. Whether you want a more relaxing vibe, or a bit of a thrill, there will be activities for everyone onboard Aqua. Here are some of the highlighted experiences that you can enjoy on the upcoming Prima-Plus Class ship:

NCL, Norwegian Aqua, Aqua Slidecoaster
Aqua Slidecoaster | Photo Credit: NCL

AQUA SLIDECOASTER | This is a brand-new concept being introduced on Aqua. This rollercoaster/waterslide hybrid will be 3 decks tall and involve many twists and turns along the way. Instead of the go-kart track seen on the ships prior, Aqua will have this thrilling brand new slide concept that will is sure to be a whole lot of fun for the entire family. We aren't quite sure yet what this ride will look like, if it will involve inner-tubes, or be similar to the log rides you find at amusement parks- but either way it will be a slam dunk!

NCL, Norwegian Aqua, Glow Court
Glow Court | Photo Credit: NCL

GLOW COURT | NCL has created an LED sports floor for immersive play in the brand new venue- the Glow Court. Guests can organize a game and head out to the court for a little high-tech basketball or other fun sports. There is plenty of viewing from the side-lines as well. While there isn't much information on this new venue at this point; as we look at the rest of the Prima Class we have seen mind-blowing virtual reality games, as well as a high-tech mini golf course that automatically keeps score. With these experiences as guides, we know the Glow Court will be a new and exciting hit!

NCL, Norwegian Aqua, The Drop Slide
The Drop | Photo Credit: NCL

THE DROP | Featured on past ships, the Drop is a fan favorite. This terrifying dry slide has guests step into a small pod and wait in fear as the floor drops out from under them, sending them spiraling 10 decks down through an alternating dark and clear slide hanging over the side of the ship. This ride is sure to get your heart racing and is the perfect activity on a long sea day.

NCL, Norwegian Aqua, Vibe Beach Club
Vibe Beach Club | Photo Credit: NCL

VIBE BEACH CLUB | If you want to find the ultimate relaxing space onboard the ship, away from the hustle and bustle, the Vibe Beach Club is for you. This 18+ onboard club has limited passes available, making it one of the most exclusive spots on the ship. Here you will find a full-service bar, infinity hot tubs, and plenty of extra-comfy loungers throughout to lay back and enjoy the sunshine.

NCL, Norwegian Aqua, Pool Deck
Pool Deck | Photo Credit: NCL

AQUA PARK & POOL | Cool off on a hot day at the Aqua Park and Pool area of the ship. At the pool you can grab a piña colada from the bar and enjoy a dip in the infinity pool or hot tubs, as the music blasts and the vibes stay high. Just around the corner will be the Aqua Park- the splash pad designed for kids, with plenty of surrounding seating for parents and families!

We know there will be many more incredible onboard experiences, and we look forward to sharing more as NCL releases details throughout the next months. Norwegian Aqua is slated to debut in the spring of 2025, and will be taking guests through the Caribbean from her home port of Port Canaveral, Florida.

Booking Your Cruise

Bookings are open for Aqua, so if you want to reserve your cruise on this brand new ship, reach out to the experts at Harr Travel. We know the spaces inside and out, and have an amazing relationship with NCL. Our advisors will craft the cruise vacation of a lifetime for you, your friends, family, or group at an exceptional rate, and give you the Harr Travel signature service every step of the way.

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