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Viking Ocean Cruises - The Complete Guide

Viking Ocean Cruises, Viking River Cruises, Viking Cruise Line, Viking Sky
Viking Sky | Photo Courtesy of Viking Ocean Cruises

Are you looking for a luxurious and inclusive experience at sea? Look no further than Viking Ocean Cruises! The same parent company as Viking River Cruises, they know their clients well, and have taken everything they learned from their famous river longships, and brought it to the ocean.

Viking Ocean Cruises is all about value, and this shows throughout their ships. Each ship is nearly identical, have all balcony and above accommodations, and include complimentary excursions at every port call. These are perks usually only seen in the ultra-luxury cruising spaces, meaning on a Viking Ocean ship, you get an incredible amount of value out of the price of your cruise, enabling you to travel the world in style.

The ocean ships cruise to 6 continents, from locations such as Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia; and with the Viking Expedition ships travelling to antarctica, Viking has the whole globe covered! Viking Ocean ships can travel just about anywhere because of their size. They are relatively small ships compared to other cruise lines, holding just 900 passengers, which means you will be able to explore certain ports that larger vessels cannot.

As seen on the river cruises, Viking Ocean aims to explore and educate. They lovingly say they are geared towards "thinkers not drinkers", with their ships hosting lectures and educational talks, rather than boasting casino and club venues.

Their ocean ships are beautifully created with that luxurious scandinavian design, and the venues on board pay homage to the heritage of the Hagen family, the creators of Viking. Let's explore all the different decks, accommodations, and venues that are found on all of the Ocean Ships.

Wintergarten, Viking Ocean Cruises, Viking River Cruises, Viking Cruise Line, Viking Dining Venues, Viking Ocean Cruises Venues
Wintergarten | Photo Courtesy of Viking Ocean Cruises


THE KITCHEN TABLE - All the way in the back you will find The Kitchen Table, a culinary school where you can watch demonstrations and learn how to cook different cuisines from the cultures you are visiting.

MANFRIEDI'S - A Viking classic, this restaurant is a tribute to a Hagen family friend who is also in the cruise industry. Here you will be served delicious Italian food that will be sure to blow you away!

THE CHEF'S TABLE - This restaurant is the luxury specialty option on board. The sommelier perfectly pairs wines with the menu; so if you are a vinophile, this is the option for you.

VIKING LIVING ROOM AND VIKING BAR - This space is part of the open air atrium located in the heart of the ship. It features a beautiful staircase and grand piano, and there is plenty of seating and places to relax and have a drink with friends.

SHOPS - Also on this deck are some of the premier shops onboard where you can enjoy a bit of retail therapy.

SALON - The place to stop and enjoy a haircut or styling before a nice dinner onboard.

FITNESS CENTER - The onboard fitness center features a range of different workout equipment, so you don't have to skip out on your workout routine while on vacation.

SPA - At the very front of the ship is the spa. The spa is what Viking does very well, featuring a variety of relaxing scandinavian treatments and spaces including the Finnish sauna and snow grotto. You can enjoy the scandinavian circuit of cold and hot plunges to shock your body into relaxation, as well as a variety of massages which you can book even before your cruise begins.


THE RESTAURANT - At the very aft of Deck Two is The Restaurant, the main sit down dining option on board, where you can enjoy delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

THE ATRIUM - Once again this beautiful open air space is filled with comfortable sitting areas, perfect to relax with a good book.

TORSHAVN - This small music venue was designed to be reminiscent of a 1940s Hollywood jazz cafe. With an incredible jazz band playing there every day, it's a great spot to gather with friends and listen to some amazing music.

SHOPS - The shops continue to Deck Two, and here you can buy Viking logowear, the ultimate souvenir to remember your time on the ship.

CINEMAS AND THE THEATER- There are two cinemas that feature movies, as well as informational videos on the locations you are visiting. The two cinemas can also open up to a larger theater in the very front of the ship, and this space is where the shows and entertainment take place, as well as educational lectures.


SUITES AND STATEROOMS - These are the main accommodation decks, and you will be able to find larger suites in the front and back, and staterooms in the middle.


AQUAVIT TERRACE - At the aft is the iconic Aquavit Terrace with it's beautiful infinity pool! Sit in the pool and watch the world sail on behind you. The Terrace is also an al fresco dining area, and you will also find comfy lounge spaces to enjoy as well.

WORLD CAFE - Just off the Aquavit Terrace is the World Cafe. This is the casual dining space on board for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It boasts and assortment of buffet items, grab-and-go, and made-to-order options. This is the perfect place to grab something quick and enjoy inside, or out on the beautiful terrace.

POOL DECK - With a retractable glass ceiling to take advantage of fair weather days or unpredictable weather and cold temperatures, the pool deck is the space to enjoy throughout your whole cruise. Also located here is the Pool Grill, with casual grab-and-go eating options. There is also a hot tub, and all around the pool are comfortable loungers to spread out.

WINTERGARTEN - This beautiful architectural indoor space was designed to look like trees in a forest. The glass ceilings and walls provide beautiful natural light, and there are many lounging and sitting areas, the perfect place to enjoy a good book. The Wintergarten is also where the afternoon tea is served daily.

SUITES - Located on this deck are also the Owner's Suite and Penthouse Suite, giving these suites the prime location on the ship, close to all of the main public spaces onboard.

MAMSEN'S - Named after the Hagen family matriarch, Mamsen's is a casual place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with nordic-inspired cuisine, including a daily waffle hour that you don't want to miss.

PAP'S - Paying homage to the Hagen family patriarch, Pap's is the beautiful bar in the Explorer's Lounge. Here you can grab a cocktail and enjoy while watching the world go by.

EXPLORER'S LOUNGE - Found at the very front of the ship, the Explorer's Lounge is the ultimate relaxation space on board! With 2 stories of lounging spaces, huge glass windows, and a happy hour, you can watch the world go buy in luxury!


EXPLORER'S LOUNGE - This is the second level of the Explorer's Lounge, which offers cozy reading nooks, and a small, curated library.

ROOMS AND SUITES - The rooms and suites continue from the Explorer's Lounge to the back of Deck Eight.


SPORTS DECK - Located just above the Explorer's Lounge is the sports deck, an outdoor space dedicated to relaxation, fresh air, and a bit of exercise. You can enjoy deck games from mini golf to shuffleboard, and relax in one of the many seating areas throughout.

Owner's Suite, Viking Ocean Cruises, Viking River Cruises, Viking Cruise Line
Owner's Suite | Photo Courtesy of Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking puts a lot of pride into the value that it's customers get from their cruise experience. One of the places that you will find the most value on a Viking Ocean ship is the accommodations, as every cabin is a veranda or above! You won't ever have to book an inside stateroom or enclosed oceanview with Viking Ocean! There are different perks and amenities that come with each room, so be sure to talk with your Harr Travel advisor, and they will help figure out the best option for you.

VERANDA STATEROOM - The most cost effective option on their ships, the Veranda Stateroom is a luxurious and cozy option. Each cabin boasts a queen size bed, and small sitting area. The bathrooms are beautiful and have those signature Viking heated floors! Outside is your balcony where you can enjoy your morning coffee while watching the world go by! With these entry-level rooms, you will have access to your room at 3pm on embarkation day, and you can choose your shore excursions 60 days out as well.

DELUXE VERANDA STATEROOMS - These cabins are exactly the same size and layout as the Veranda, but with the upgrade to Deluxe come additional perks. When you book a Deluxe Veranda, you will have access to your room at 2pm on embarkation day, get access to book shore excursions 67 day out. You will also have 1 guaranteed specialty dining reservation which can be made 60 days out, and will be able to book any spa treatments 60 days out as well.

PENTHOUSE VERANDA - If you are looking for a bit more space than the Veranda Staterooms, the Penthouse Veranda Suite might be the option for you. The bathroom is large and has the signature heated floors and a good size shower. In the bedroom there is a queen size bed and sitting area with sofa and chair. You also have a larger veranda, which is a nice additional space to spread out.

Perks with booking this suite include complimentary pressing, shoe-shining, and a glass of bubbly upon arrival. You will also get early access to the suite on embarkation day, at 1pm. In addition to all this, shore excursions are open for booking 77 days out, and spa treatments and 2 specialty dining reservations can be booked 70 days out.

PENTHOUSE JUNIOR SUITE - With plenty of room to spread out, this suite offers a queen size bed, vanity/desk, ample storage, and 2 flat screen tvs. The bathroom is huge with a double vanity, large step in shower, and heated floors. The sitting area and bedroom area can be slightly divided with a curtain, providing more separation of space, which makes a big difference. Out on the Veranda are table and chairs, and you can sit, relax, and enjoy the beautiful destinations you are traveling to, all from the comfort of your suite, with your morning coffee in hand.

Boarding for guests of this suite on embarkation day is 11am, and upon boarding, you will be able to go straight to your room. Access to booking excursions is granted 87 days out, and included with this suite are complimentary pressing, shoe-shining, and welcome champagne! You will also have access to book spa treatments as well as 3 specialty restaurant reservations 80 days out.

EXPLORER SUITE - Located in the front and back of the ship, these suites range from over 700 sq ft, to over 1100 sq ft, giving you all the space you need to spread out and relax. These suites give you true separation of space, with your own private living room with a large sitting area, two chairs and a couch, and a full dining room table. In the bedroom you will find a king size bed with upgraded luxury linens and pillows, and a large bathroom with full soaking tub, walk in shower, and luxurious heated floors. Because of their locations on the front and back corners of the ship, the verandas are large, and have different views, so be sure to talk with your Harr Travel advisor, and they can help pick out the perfect suite location for you and your family. The verandas feature table, chairs, and loungers, so you can take in those beautiful views in comfort and style.

With these suites you will get to board the ship on embarkation day and go straight to your suite at 11am. In addition the onshore excursions can be booked 90 days out, as well as spa treatments and 3 guaranteed reservations at specialty restaurants.

OWNER'S SUITE - This massive suite is over 1400 sq ft, and is the pinnacle of luxury onboard a Viking Ocean ship. The living area boasts and incredible amount of space, and includes a full dining table. There is a butler's pantry, private dry sauna, and library. In addition there is a private board room that can seat 12 for meetings or for dining. The bedroom features a king size bed, and the bathroom has a large walk in shower, heated floors, and double vanity.

As a guest in this suite, you will get immediate access to your room upon boarding at 11am, and will have access to book shore excursions 107 days out, ensuring you will be able to book whatever excursion you choose! You will also have 4 specialty dining reservations that can be book 100 days out, before anyone else, so you don't need to worry about finding a table at your favorite on board restaurants. You will also be able to book any spa treatments that you would like 100 days out as well.

Perks of the Owner's Suite also include complimentary pressing, shoe-shining, and an upgraded bottle of Veuve Clicquot upon arrival. You can also host parties and events in your suite, and have daily personalized tea and pre-dinner cocktails. You will also receive a complimentary shore excursion with a personal car and driver in one of the port stops on the cruise. In addition, you will also have access to a private guided tour with the ships officers, if you desire.


Another great perk of booking a Viking Ocean Cruise, is that Viking almost always include airfare, or discounted airfare. They offer upgrades to premium economy or business class, and your Harr Travel advisor can take care of all that for you. Airfare contracts usually open up 300 days out from the start of your cruise, and you can choose their included flights, or choose the flight that you want for a small fee. You can also choose flights or upgraded seats that the cruise line doesn't offer, and all you will have to do is pay the difference.


Now that you are ready to book your Viking Ocean cruise, be sure to reach out to the experts at Harr Travel. We know the cruise ships inside and out, have an amazing relationship with the cruise line, and we will be able to craft your vacation of a lifetime, and give you the Harr Travel experience every step of the way!

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