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5 Royal Caribbean Venues that Will Make You Feel Right at Home

Royal Caribbean, Sorrento's Pizza
Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

For many, being on a Royal Caribbean ship is their home-away-from-home. Royal i s the most popular contemporary brand in the industry, and understandably so. They have created the perfect product for families to enjoy a shared cruise vacation through entertainment, diverse activities, relaxing experiences, dining, and so much more.

Royal has a fleet of 28 ships strong, and still counting. Across this fleet there are hundreds of venues from kids clubs, to sit-down restaurants, sports complexes, and more. Royal does a great job of making their guests feel at home through there service, and the styles of venues offered. Here are 5 Royal Caribbean venues that will make you feel like you are right back at home!

Royal Caribbean, Johnny Rockets
Johnny Rockets | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean
Johnny Rockets

Founded in the 1980s, Johnny Rockets is an American institution. This 1950s themed diner can be found on several Royal Caribbean ships. Here guests can side down in a booth or at the counter and order burgers and fries, milkshakes, and ice cream sundaes. This is the perfect place for a family lunch after a morning by the pool, and it will remind you of your local eateries back home.

Royal Caribbean, Central Park
Central Park | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean
Central Park

On the Oasis and Icon Class ships, Royal created one of their most iconic venues to date- the beautiful Central Park. This is an actual open-air park located down the middle of the ships, featuring thousands of live plants and trees throughout the space. Here guests can stroll through the greenery, relax on the park benches, and pop in and out of shops and eateries as though they were walking through a park back in their favorite city.

Royal Caribbean, Sorrento's Pizza
Sorrento's | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean
Sorrento's Pizza

Every town has it's own pizza joint, and every American family loves a good slice. Sorrento's has everything you would want in your neighborhood pizza place, from slices of cheese, pepperoni, meat lovers, and other classic. Sorrento's is open late as well, which makes it the perfect spot to have a midnight snack, or an easy dinner with the whole family.

Royal Caribbean, Playmakers
Playmaker's | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean
Playmaker's Sports Bar & Arcade

Looking to shoot some pool with friends, have a beer while watching the big game, or play some arcade games?...then Playmakers Sports Bar & Arcade is the place for you. Just like your local dive bar back home, Playmakers offers bar food, drinks, plenty of screens to catch up on sports, and arcade games to entertain the kids and adults alike. This is a great spot to hang out with your friends after dinner, or take the kids for a little entertainment and a delicious lunch.

Royal Caribbean, Starbucks
Starbucks | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning America's favorite coffee shop- Starbucks. Royal offers Starbucks drinks on their ship, and some vessels feature a full Starbucks onboard as well. So if you are in the habit of having a drink from Starbucks every day, you don't have to miss out while on your cruise...even on a sea day in the middle of the ocean!

Booking Your Cruise

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