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Top 5 Shore Excursions in Cancún, Mexico

Royal Caribbean, Cancun Mexico, Shore Excursions
Cancun, Mexico | Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean

One of the most well known vacation spots in Mexico is Cancún. This tropical paradise sits on the western side of the Caribbean and offers refreshing waters, lush rainforest, and pristine sandy beaches. A popular spot for cruise ships, Cancún offers many shore excursions for passengers to take advantage of- from dolphin encounters, to luxury yacht charters. Here are the top 5 shore excursions you should consider trying on your next cruise to Cancún, Mexico.

Cancún Parasailing Adventure

Duration - 30 minutes

Price - $

Sail high into the sky and over the beautiful blue waters of Cancún during this thrilling, yet peaceful excursion. You and your partner will head out on a boat, and then jump into the parasailing raft. As the boat moves forward and the wind catches the sail, you will be taken up and over the water, giving you a bird's eye view of the Cancún coastline.


Dolphin Encounter: Isla Mujeres

Duration - 40 minutes

Price - $$

Just a quick ferry ride away from Cancún, you can enjoy an interaction with the dolphins at the Dolphin Discovery Center on Isle Mujeres. You and your group can step onto the pool platform and the curious dolphins will come right up to you and interact! Learn more about these incredible creatures from the highly trained staff, and afterward enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and relax.


Mayan Adventure from Cancún

Duration - 6 hours

Price - $$

Enjoy an incredible 6 hour long experience in the Mexican waters. You and your group will have a guide who will take you to a beautiful ocean inlet where you will be able to snorkel with the marine wildlife. Afterwards head into the jungle to a stunning cenote, where you can enter the water by jumping off the 12' platform, or taking the zipline. To finish off your experience, enjoy a buffet of traditional foods that will refresh you after a long day of fun in the water.


Cancún Extreme Zipline Canopy Tour

Duration - 4 hours

Price - $$

Enjoy soaring over the jungle canopy on 12 ziplines totaling 2 miles long! This is a great bonding experience for you and your friends and family as you climb high into the jungle and fly from one tree to the next. Afterward you and your group will be shuttled to a hidden grotto where you can enjoy a swim as well as another zipline over the water.


All Inclusive Luxury Charter

Duration - 4 hours

Price - $$$

This is an all-inclusive luxury experience that you and your friends and family can enjoy while in Cancún. Board a 51' luxury catamaran powerboat, and head out into the crystal blue waters. Enjoy cocktails and refreshments throughout the day, and cool off in the water with a bit of snorkeling. While in the water you can a chance to view the incredible marine wildlife, from sea turtles to colorful reef fish! This is the perfect way to relax and be fully taken care of while in Cancún.


Booking Your Cruise

Now that you are ready to book your cruise to Cancún, reach out to the experts at Harr Travel. We know the destinations inside and out, and have an amazing relationship with many incredible cruise lines in the industry. Our advisors will craft the cruise vacation of a lifetime for you, your friends, family, or group at an exceptional rate, and give you the Harr Travel signature service every step of the way.

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